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Went to the V-e-t

Well I finally had to go to the vet fer my yeerly checkup. It is so the vet kin poke at me and give me lots of treets and tell me I am a good dawg.

I likes the vet because there is a metal table that goes up and down and when I jump onto it the vet gives me sum delishuss treets. Then Mummy lets me put my hed under her arm while the vet does skary thangs like give me a shot or trim my nales. Then I gets another treet. I luv treets!!

But even tho I likes the vet I does not like to leeve my house. So I am always very conflikted about going to the vet.

Here I am in the wating room. At first I am always a little skeered.


Then I kalmed down a little bit and Mummy sed I wuz a very good boy to lay down.


Then I getted eksited cause I saw an open door. Usually when a door is open that means a person is gonna come out and say my name and then we go in the door to see the vet and get treets. So I wuz very very eksited about the door even tho Mummy kept saying it wuz open by aksident.

Is it my tern now??

Is it my tern now??

Well after this we finally did get to go into the room and then my visit wuz over soon enuff and we went home. I wuz glad to be home!

Ever since then I am getting a speshull powder on my foodies that Mummy sez is a yummy treet to help me feel better after playing ball. Yes it is troo I am feeling my age jest a little bit. But I thinks Mummy is lying about the powder being a speshull treet cause it does not taste like ennythang sertenly not a treet!

5 Responses

  1. These pictures are great.
    so curious.

  2. Aw, Dozer – you’re sweet! How old are you? You look so young and puppy-like…how can you be feeling your age??

    I like going to my vet too – I went to Puppy School there so I always associate it with nice things. Plus they always give me treats too and talk to me in a silly voice!

    Honey the Great Dane

  3. hello dozer its dennis the vizsla dog hay i hav herd abowt theez peepul wot giv yoo speshul powder they ar cald deelers and they drive arownd in fansy cars and kerry awtomatik weppons duz yore mama hav a fansy car and an awtomatik weppon??? if not then i hav no ideea wot the powder mite be ok bye

  4. Hello Dozer,

    Wow, you’re very calm at the v-e-t. Am very impressed. We usually treat the v-e-t like the bubonic plague … fleee!!! as fast as our furry short legs can carry us! yeah ..

    I saw your video carrying the groceries. You very clever dog! We are doubly impressed.

    Licks and wags

    Tuffy of Dog Woods

  5. Hey Dozer, Sometimes going to the V-E-T can be kinda scary! I get very nervous!

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