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Well Mummy finally finded the kamra cord thingy. She wuz too cheep to buy a new cord thingy and also too cheep to buy a new kamra that acktually has a card that her compooter can reed. She spended all her munny on plants today insted. Booooring!!!

You mite wunder where the kamra cord thingy wuz. Well let me tell you it wuz not in the last place she looked. No it wuz acktually in the first place she looked and also the third place and also the eighth place. Because it wuz in Daddys office and she looked there over and over when she couldnt find it ennywhere else.

Now you mite wonder why Mummy could not find the cord thingy in Daddys office even tho she looked over and over. Well that is cause it is a OFFISHUL DISASTER AREA:

Danger! Hard hat area!

Danger! Ware a hardhat!

Mummy wishes to ashure you that all areas she is in charge of are very very cleen. Daddys office not so much.

So she finally finded the kamra cord and I can get back to telling you all the wunnerful stuff I have been doing.

But dont worry now that I looks at these pitchers I reelize you didnt miss ennythang fun at all. And do you kno why?


Come on Mummy its jest a little bit flooding.

Yep thats rite it has been RAINING fer days and days. That means no fun times outsides and lots of boringness insides! Oh well mebbe next week will be more funs.


6 Responses

  1. It’s been raining here too! I don’t like the rain. My Maddie comes over and tries to make me come out and play, but I don’t like to get wet. Ick! So I stay inside and sleep all day until my mom says that I have to go outside or burst!

    I hope it dries up soon!
    Your friend Quizz

  2. PS I’m glad your mom found the camera cord.

  3. Oh Dozer how could your Mummy ignore that face. It’s raining and cold here too today. Next week Will be more funs!

  4. hello dozer its dennis the vizsla dog hay wot disaster area??? luks perfektly normal to me ok bye

  5. Hey Dozer, maybe if your momma got to decalre your daddas office an official disaster area, she could get some FEMA funds to help with the clean up. And I a m very very glad that your momma found her cord thingy so I can see you!

  6. Hooray! You finded it! Arr daddee’z desk iz a bad playss fur stuff, too. Mommee hatez hiz desk.

    It be rayning heer too. We hopez it dries up fur woo soon so dat woo and Starr da coppee-cat can play owtside!

    Gus and Waldo

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