Stop and Smell the Bees

Well I am teaching Star sumthang important which is to eat flys. If she gets sum bees in her mouth too well I cant help that now can I? Heh heh.

I found a flying bug! Let's see... was it "yellow bars, friend of Star"?

I found a flying bug! Let's see... was it "yellow bars, friend of Star"?

No I thinks that rime goes if it is yellow and fuzzee it is gonna BEE tastee!! Ha ha ha ha I crak myself up!!

No seeriusly jest eat it already. I am jest gonna stand over to the side…

I am jest gonna stand over here to the side. You go ahead and eat them flys.

What are you chikken? Go eat them bees I mean flys.


11 Responses

  1. Dozer! That’s just plain mean! Just remember, bee’s are smart, were there are one there are others and they will find you!

    Quizz’s Mom!

  2. Oh Dozer the beautiful Pit Bull you’ve got a mean streak. But I gotta go now and teach Bobo a rhyme about a bee…

    Meja the Sharpei puppy

  3. Dozer, you are being silly! I think Star knows better than to accidentally eat a bee.

  4. Hey Dozer your Wysteria is looking lovely. Did you know that the biggest Wysteria vine in the world lives in the same town as I do? Maybe since you like Wysteria you might want to visit the famous Wysteria vine her in my town, it has lots of bees too. You could bring Star and we could watch her eat bees together 🙂

    Dozer sez: Hey a chance to see my beutifull Daisy AND make Star eat bees?? Its a date!!!

  5. Do you get Grasshoppers too?

    Our Girls love to chase them around the land. Faye even ate a Butterfly once, she didn’t like it though!

  6. Hi Dozer!
    Great lookin’ you are!
    Watch out for those bees…and mosquitoes…and Mr. Tics!!!
    Cheers, Honey

  7. hello dozer its dennis the vizsla dog hay i hav herd that beez tayst like lemons and chocolate, is that troo??? thanks ok bye

    Dozer sez: Hey Dennis aktualy they taste more like stinging and owies and later on Benadrill!!

  8. please I hope they not bee’s to sting your pretty mouthies.
    Velvety Kissies

  9. Dozer, you are a very wise dog. I can get Celeste to run into walls by telling here there’s a camouflaged butterfly on them.

    -Miss Mina

    DOZERS!!!! It’s me TEAM CELESTES!!! I justs wants to say you are a big meanies!!!!! My most awesomest of big sisters would never, never, evers, nevers do somethings like that to me! Why, just the other days, she tolds me alls about a secrets butterfly operations that I hads to bust and I dids! It hurts my heads, but we’res safer from buterrflies. Be nices to your sister!!!

    – CELESTE!!!

  10. I love your Happy Pit Bull site. I started a photo essay called “Beautiful Pit Bulls” at WordPress. You should join, they have no pro-pit bull organizations or supporters (other than I) on there.

  11. Hey that was the tree that our mom loves!

    The picture of that tree that we posted was from another yard. It is so pretty.

    BOL! We can’t believe that you tried to get Star to eat the bees… hmmm that gives me a good idea. I bet I can find some bees around here somewhere.

    Luuuucie, let’s go outside and play!

    Lots of Luv & Kisses
    Addie and Lucie

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