We Are Not In Love

Well good gravy I leeve my blog alone fer like wut a few days and Star is spreding crazy rumers about us. No sir this will not stand.

Let me make it cleer I am not in luv with the evil Star. I think it is obveeus to everybuddy wut knows me that I find Stars posishun on thangs like stuffy destrukshun and treet disperzal and frendliness to dawgs to be irreconsilabull with my own posishuns on those matters.

Mummy put the camra down and help me! This is MY half of Aligater Toy!

We have a difrence in opinyun regarding stuffy destrukshun.

Yeah keep moving punk.

My disgust with other dawgs is not compattibull with Stars disgusting LUV fer other dawgs.

Our relashunship would never last. I thinks only Star is obliviuss to this fakt.

Besides I alreddy have Daisy who is the bestest dawg ever cause she looks jest like me and I am awesum so Daisy must be jest as awesum and possibly awesummer cause she can write blogs a bit better than me. Also I have never meeted Daisy so it werks out grate since I am not a big fan of dawgs that I meet.

Okay so I hope that cleers thangs up a bit. I am gonna have to figger out how to keep Star offa my blog sheesh.


8 Responses

  1. Ah Dozer, you can admit it. I think you have just the TEENIEST, TINIEST crush on the pretty Star. After all, they (whoever THEY are) say that opposites attract!


  2. hello dozer its dennis the vizsla dog hay i think yoo need to chayndj all yore passwurds otherwize this wil just keep happening and dont yooze an eezy to gess passwurd like ball ok??? ok bye

    Dozer sez: BALL??? WHERE???

  3. Whew! Well thats a relief!

  4. I’ll help distract Star for you! That’s what friends do.
    Your friend,

  5. Dear Dozer,

    I know EXACTLY how you feel. I mean, seriously, exactly.

    No offense to Star because I do think she is quite a looker, but she sounds a lot like a certain little not-sister.

    miss mina

  6. Hey Dozer, I think you should stick with Daisy. Sometimes long distance romances work out better… (not that I would know anything about romance since I live with an old grandpa dog who sleeps all day.)

    Your Romance Deprived Buddy,

  7. Aw Dozer – I think you should give Star a chance! She is so sweet!

    Honey the Great Dane

  8. Hey Dozer, Me thinks you do protest too much. That is a sure sign of lurve you know!

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