How to Freak People Out

Today I, Star, will demonstrate how to freak people out AND practice yoga at the same time.

Step One: Find a comfy spot on the floor. You won’t need much room for this.


Step Two: Imagine you are a stuffy–spineless and squishy. Become the stuffy. Are you the stuffy? Good.

Step Three: Now TWIST and HOLD.


Step Four: Laugh quietly as your human panics at the unnatural pose. (But if she starts to call the vet, jump up and pretend like nothing happened.)


9 Responses

  1. Wow Star you look like you don’t have any bonies in your neck. That is a very very neat trick.

  2. Aaargh! Star! You’re creepin’ me out! Now I’ll have to sleep with the lights on tonight. ::whimper::

    Your Freaked Out Pal,

  3. OH MY!!

    That is a freaky pose! You must be very flexible Star.

    Lots of Luv & Kisses
    Addie and Lucie

  4. LMFBO, (Laughing my fuzzy butt off) Princess Fiona definitely couldn’t do that. She’s got a hard time even licking her butt sometimes! She tries to tell us that she’s old but she’s only 4 so I think she’s just lazy.


  5. hello star its dennis the vizsla dog hay ummmm i dont want to alarm yoo but i think yore hed has detachd itself from yore body and wanderd off or sumthing i hav herd of this happening for instanse in the faymus dokyoomentary by john carpenter calld the thing and it duznt meen yoo hav to go to the vet however it duz meen yoo ar an alien lifeform so can i hav a ride in yore ufo??? thanks ok be

  6. Spooky. The things you do just to scare us Humans.

  7. unnatural pose = freaky!

    that smirk on your face = evil genius.

  8. Star i think you are just doing this to flirt with my BFF (boy friend forever) Dozer! This is an unfair advantage since you live with him!

  9. Star–you are flexible just like our pitbull Jessie. It’s nice to know she’s not the only one that is super flexible. Dozer should be impressed!

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