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Campain fer a Better Bed: A New Bed Arrives

Well wonder of wonders Mummy finally reelized the dawg beds wuz painfully inaddequite fer two big dawgs so she went out and getted us a reel… hey wait jest one sekund!

Wut the heck is this thang??

Wut the heck is this thang??

Are you seerius Mummy??? A pillow??? You getted us a pillow? This isnt a bed but it shore is an outraje!

As you can see I does not fit on this bed any better than I fit on the other beds. Only the front part of me is on it.

Get that kamra outta my face.

Get that kamra outta my face.

My Campain fer a Better Bed is not working out very good at all. I will have to step up my efforts but first I needs a nice nap on my enormuss big soft comfy dawg bed OH WAIT I DONT HAVE ONE!!!


12 Responses

  1. Oh Dozer, this is tragic! I think you should hire a PR representative to help with your campaign. Something needs to be done to improve the (lack of) quality in your human’s bed selection.

    I’d offer my services, but my pink nose of doom doesn’t do public relation so much as IS public relations, which ends up being a lot less effective than you might think.

    Miss Mina

  2. Dozer, dis iz Waldo. I fink dat yur bed is veree big. I is often sleeping on spaycez much smaller dan yur bed. Maybe yoo shud kurl up into a tyt ball like I do. Den woo will see dat woo have plenty of room on da noo bed!

    Gud luckies,

  3. My dogsisters and I are going to start a campaign for you. We have pillows like that in the living room but we have 3 because there are 3 dogs. In the bedroom Noelle and I share a doggie couch and Freckles’ chooses to sleep on another big pillow on the floor. So you have three signatures on the Petition for a new doggy bed.
    Princess Fiona

  4. Hey Dozer, I have an idea. Why don’t you and Star play tug-o-war with your new dog pillow? That way Star can do her magic trick and turn the one pillow into two pillows (just like she did with the alligator toy!)

    Your Pal,

  5. Dozer, good luck on your campaign. Dobby has three dog beds, so maybe you should get your mom to get you three. It seems like a good number.

    Also, very funny alligator on the floor next to you. It took me a minute to figure out that’s what it was! Hehe!

    S and D

    Dozer sez: Hi Sharon and Dobby yes you are right that is Star’s peece of Aligater Toy which is the only one left after she splitted the reel Aligater Toy into two peeces and then my part of it into three peeces and then my part got throwed away by Mummy. Star doesnt play with her peece of Aligater Toy anymores but she likes to take it out of the toy box and leeve it on the floor I think she is teezing me.

  6. Dozer, Simple Solution – no dog bed? Sleep on their beds. It is the best place for us anyway. Our mom gets our dog beds at Costco. They’re the best – big, soft, and not expensive. Good Luck, Stella and Lena

  7. I think your mom is underestimating your size! I never sleep in any of my cat beds. I prefer sleeping in the people bed.

  8. hello dozer its dennis the vizsla dog hay i think the only remayning alternativ is to go on televizhun and pleed yore kayse to the american public i wil yooze my ekstensiv netwurk of contakts to git yoo bukd on morry povitch and jimmy fallon and other sutch faymus shows ok bye

  9. Strike, strike, strike.

    Refuse to have any more belly rubs until the situation is amended.

    Ah, only problem with that is……well,no more belly rubs!

    I will come back with a better idea soon Dozer.

  10. BOL… just sleep in your moms bed. That is the best bed in the house anyway!

    Lots of Luv & Kisses
    Addie and Lucie

  11. […] on, it got me thinking about how much we have spent on Dog Beds over the years. Dozer the Dogs quest for a new bed made me think about my three Dogs and what they are happy sleeping […]

  12. […] on, it got me thinking about how much we have spent on Dog Beds over the years. Dozer the Dogs quest for a new bed made me think about my three Dogs and what they are happy sleeping […]

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