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My Trip

Well okay here are the horrible details of the trip I wuz forced to go on the last few days!

First of all we all getted in the car. Auntie K and Gramma camed too but in their own car which looks ekacktly like Mummys car. Then we drived and drived fer a long time.

Then at last we wuz there! It wuz alreddy dark outsides and dinner time. We all went into this little house.


I thinks I made it pretty clear I wanted to go home now.

Open sesame.

Open sesame.

Star did not care. She eated her food and my food too.

Her butt makes her look fat.

Her butt makes her look fat.

I tried again to convey my sad feelings only this time I bringed my ball jest in case Mummy reely did let me go home. I wuz prepared.

Seeriusly open the door Mummy.

Seeriusly open the door Mummy.

It did not werk. We sleeped in that little house. I did not cry too much that night cause I wuz purty shore we would go home first thang in the morning.

Then in the morning it getted very very cold and lots of wind. Mummy sed oh thats too bad we cannot go on a boat. Wut?!?! Well thank goodness fer that! So mebbe we will go home now??

Come on Auntie K Im purty shore home is this way.

Come on Auntie K Im purty shore home is this way.

But no we did not go home. Insted we stayed outside that little house and Mummy and Daddy talked with other peoples that they knowed. Well the only good thang wuz that these peoples were suckers and they throwed my ball for me for a long long time.

There wuz a little dawg named Oakley and Star falled in love with him. Here is a video of me and Star and Oakley and all those peoples.

Unfortoonately all that fetch made me hurt my foot kinda bad and then Mummy sed I could not play no more. Also I had to wear a sock. Well since my only fun times wuz taken away frum me I cryed and shaked because there wuz nothing to distrakt me frum the fakt that I wuz not home.

Auntie K tried her bestest to distrakt me in this moovee by making a kitty noise.

I honestlee dont know wut Auntie K means when she implys I have been crying fer two days. Its reely only been like one and a half days by now.

My enemy Star made me look like a Very Bad Dawg! Look at this awful moovee of Star showing off her fancy moves with Mummy.

Oh yeah well I can sit faster then you Star so there. Im shore yer fat butt causes you sum trubble when you try to sit.

That night we went back in the little house and I cried sum more cause I knowed then that we wuz not going home fer a whole nother night! Jest a warning if you are prone to mygranes you may want to skip this moovee.

You will notice Star at the end of the moovee and she did not look too happy. She sez this is what she wuz thinking. She wouldnt tell me wut it means so that is fer you to figger out.


Anyways the next day I wuz so releeved to see Mummy and Auntie K and Gramma packing up all the stuff. Then Mummy taked Star on a speshull trip down to the water even tho it wuz still too cold and windy to do anythang in the water. It turns out Star is skeered of waves ha ha ha ha!!

Then we all getted in the car and WE WENT HOME!!! YAY!!

Gah! Let the radio do the singing, Man!

Gah! Let the radio do the singing, Man!

Happiest Dawg Ever!

Going home at last! Happiest Dawg Ever!


7 Responses

  1. Golly Dozer, it looks like your Mummy and Daddy took you to a really fun place! It doesn’t look like a torture camp at all. Lol! My mom and I watched your videos together… you sure are good at whining and looking pathetic… you’ll have to teach me that trick sometime! I think the bottom picture says it all… we love to see that big smile of yours!

    Your Pal,

  2. We agree with Trooper that you need to have a school where you teach that whining. I’m sure we could have all the treats if we could learn how to whine like that.

    We’re sorry you didn’t enjoy your trip.

    Bobo and Meja the Sharpei puppies

  3. Oh poor Dozer!

    Addie and Lucie were very worried about you in your video’s. They were both glued to my monitor watching and listening to you cry.

    We are glad that you are home!

    Lots of Luv & Kisses
    Addie and Lucie

  4. hello dozer its dennis the vizsla dog oh my gosh that wuz sutch an ordeel!!! i am having simpathy wines lissening to yoo cry to go home!!! but now it is all over and yoo ar home agin so all is wel and i didnt even steel enny of yore stuf wile yoo wer gawn as far as yoo no ok bye

  5. It’s been a long time since I have seen a dog say STFU 😉

    Jennifer says: Star was definitely thinking that. We humans were all thinking, and occasionally, saying it. Dozer is darling and goofy, but one can only handle so much ear-piercing crying. 🙂

  6. Oh Dozer! I’m sorry that you missed your home so much. Star looked like she had a good time. I do understand. I missed my mom. She was gone for 5 DAYS and left me with Grandma. No walks for 5 DAYS.
    So I understand your sorrow. But she is back now and I’m not letting her out of my sight!

    Your friend Quizz

  7. Dozer, I think you were very brave. Shame you had to wear a sock though. What colour was it?

    Dozer sez: It wuz white of course. Jest like me! Hopefuly nobuddy notissed.

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