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Uh Oh This Cant Be Good

Well I knowed sumthang wuz going on. I wuz so suspishuss I did not eat my breakyfast this morning. And lookit this here:

Mummy and Daddy have their thangs in a boks called a sootcase.

Mummy and Daddy have their thangs in a boks called a sootcase.

And there is even more evidence:

One of these has my dog toys and foodies and stuff.

One of these bags has my dog toys and foodies and stuff.

Oh noes! We is going sumwhere!

Now if you is familiar with me sumwhat you knows that I luv luv luv my house and I hates leaving my house. So I thinks whatever happens next is gonna be the worstest thang ever.

In fakt I mite not come back it will be so awful so Im jest gonna say farewell everybuddy it wuz nice knowing you!!


8 Responses

  1. Oh Dozer! I love to go places! It is an adventure. I hope you have a good time. You’ll have company this time because Star will be going with you.

    Have fun!
    Your friend.

  2. Don’t be silly Dozer! I think your Mummy and Daddy are going to take you and Star on a fun vacation! It sounds like you’ll get to play in the water and Star can sunbathe (because she’s a champion sunbather). Tell your Mummy to take LOTS of pictures… I can’t wait to see you two in your dawg life vests!

    Your Pal,

  3. Oh Dozer. I am sure you will be back. My Mommy and Daddy take me places all the time and we always come back. I know your Mommy and Daddy love you very much and would not be happy without you. I promise, it will all be okay and you will have fun. Like Trooper said, I would also like to see lots of pictures!
    Love Princess Fiona

  4. Well Dozer, maybe it wont be so scary now since you have your friend Star. Maybe she can help you relax, do some meditation, or yoga (downward dogs work)! We hope you have a nice trip even though you are worried, and cant wait for you to tell us all about it!

  5. I didn’t know you were worried about going out Dozer. It’s not all scary you know.

    You sound just like my Daisy. She would be happy if she never had to go anywhere too.

    Hope you make it back in good shape. I am sure you will.

  6. hello dozer its dennis the vizsla dog hay do not wurry i am shoor yoo will come bak!!!! but ummmmm if yoo dont can i hav yore stuff???? ha ha just kidding but seeryusly send me yore address and wil come git yore stuff ha ha no i am just kidding agin i wil not come myself i wil send a van to pik it up ha ha ok bye

  7. Oh Dozer the beautiful Pit Bull, you will have big fun times and tell mommy and daddy to take pictures. And you will definitely come back cause we would miss you too much.

    Bobo and Meja the Sharpei puppies

  8. Have a wonderful trip Dozer – it will be fun I promise! I love adventures!

    Your friend Mia.

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