Whaddya Mean, ‘Not Ladylike’?

It was a sunny spring day with a nice cool breeze. I had just spent an hour at a park playing with some other dogs, twenty minutes at a pet store testing out dog beds, and about ten solid minutes doing zoomies across the yard. So, yes, I was pretty darn tired.

The Lady was working diligently in the dirt for reasons that are beyond my comprehension. Her nice soft sweatshirt, discarded in the grass, called to me. It was like a miniature bed. I decided to take a little break.

Yeah, I'm laying on your sweatshirt. So what?

Yeah, I'm laying on your sweatshirt. So what?

Bugger off. Sleeping here.

Bugger off. Sleeping here.

The Lady kept telling me my posture was inappropriate. Whatever. I’m pretty sure she sleeps like this.


5 Responses

  1. You are looking very comfy on that nice grass! But not as comfy as you would look on a couch!

  2. Oh Star, you look so nice and relaxed snoozing in the sunshine. I wish I could join you. It’s raining at my house today… sigh…

    Your Soggy Pal,

  3. I do not know what your Mommy is talking about. I am a Princess and I lay like that. I mean, Princess is the epitome of a lady is it not?

    You just continue to lay like that. It is very comfortable and since I am the expert on what is ladylike, I say you are fine.

    Princess Fiona

  4. I am a princess too and I say you are a-ok.

    Meja the Sharpei puppy

  5. hello star its dennis the vizsla dog hay yes i can tel yoo definitly that hyoomans sleep evry wich way so just ignore yore mama and kerry on as yoozual ok bye

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