Star Tells The Truth


Hello dear readers!

A little while ago, Dozer’s friend Quizz tagged me to do the Honesty meme. Dozer hid this fact from me until just recently, evidently because he felt I was not honest enough for the task. After a “discussion” during which I repeatedly stole his toys from him, Dozer agreed to let me participate in the Honesty meme in exchange for his precious Tug Toy (I will destroy this toy some day, I swear it).

So, the goal of the Honesty meme is to tell ten honest things about one’s self. Here are ten honest things about me.honestscrap1

  1. I love other dogs more than I love treats. Seriously. As long as they are nice dogs.
  2. I like people, but I’m a little unsure around them. Sometimes I’m more comfortable when I’m being ignored.
  3. It took a very long time for the Lady to convince me that tile floors were not evil.
  4. I admit I am not totally, completely, 100% housetrained. Really, if carpets were not meant as toilets, why are they as soft as a well-kept lawn?
  5. I am extraordinarily flexible when I feel like it. I can bend all sorts of ways.
  6. My eyes are so yellow that people think my gaze is sort of creepy. I have not yet figured out how to use this to my advantage.
  7. The Lady keeps trying to train me to do things. I’m not sure I want to do these things. Treats are nice but disobedience is better.
  8. When I first came to this house, I didn’t really know what to do with toys. Now I LOVE toys! And also socks, towels, and pieces of paper. I do not know why the Lady does not approve of my love for those things.
  9. I really want to eat the chickens in the back yard.
  10. I love my big bro Dozer sooooo much!!! He is my best friend.

So there you have it. I think Dozer has already passed this meme around, but if you haven’t done it and you would like to, please be my guest! As long as you are honest, that is.


5 Responses

  1. I knew you had interesting things to say Star! Especially since you had a new home! Excellent job with your honesty meme.

    Don’t worry, I still like cardboard boxes when my mom isn’t looking. I just blame the cat. (hehehehe!) And usually the cat is not amused.

    Your friend Quizz

  2. hello star its dennis the vizsla dog hay that is a grate onnest list and i am glad yoo luv yore brother dozer so much but ummm if i wer yoo i wood keep an eye on him not for enny reezon im just sayin!!!!! ok bye

  3. I am very glad that you learned to love toys!

  4. Hey Star. Thats a really good mem thre. I also like dogs and people more thans treats usually.

  5. Hello Star! I think you put together a very nice list. You are so lucky to have Dozer to play with. I hope you two have a fun weekend!

    Your Pal,

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