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Im Not Trying to Imitate Her

Well I jumped up and did a flip and as it happens I slipped and landed on my side in the dirt. So it wuz very embarasing but fer a while before Mummy dusted me off I wuz half white and half tan.


Mummy sez I wuz trying to make myself the same color as Star. I kin ashure you that is not true. Why wud I want to be the same color as my worstest enemy??


At sum point after this pitcher I also ended up doing a flip in the grass and I getted grass stains all over. So I wuz also very green but Mummy did not say I wuz trying to be like the grass so I think she is a hippocrit.

By sum mirakle I avoided a bathies even though I wuz very dirty. Mummy jest dusted me off. She sed it is gonna rain fer the next few days anyways so why bother with a bathies when Im gonna get washed off the first time I have to go potty outsides in the rain. Thats the spirit Mummy!


8 Responses

  1. Woo iz like a trapeez artist wif all ov da flipping!

    It iz rayning heere too. Waldo won’t go owtside to pee. It iz aajuh-tayting.


  2. Yer mummy is very smart, we wish our mommy was so smart. But it’s very muddy here and our feetsies keep getting very dirty and they have to get bathies. As long as it’s just the feetsies mommy!

    Dozer the beautiful Pit Bull please don’t do anymore acro uh akroba uh tricks like that please. We worry you will hurt yourself.

    Bobo and Meja the Sharpei puppies

  3. You know you had a good time when you end up with grass stains on your furs!

  4. Boy Dozer! You look like me when I play with my Maddie, ‘cept I have big brown paw prints all over me. Then my mom brushes me out on the deck and mutters about dog paws and baths.
    Your friend Quizz!

  5. Hey Dozer… I like the two-tone color of your fur!

    Your Pal,

    P.S. Did you know you have a piece of grass on your tongue? Just sayin…

  6. lmao Dozer. We all like it when the day after our Mommy gives us baths it starts to rain. We have no grass in our yard right now so it ends up being a great big mud puddle! Fiona gets the dirtiest since she’s all white and she HATES getting dirty, so that makes it even better, hee hee hee.

    Love Noelle

  7. hello dozer its dennis the vizsla dog hay yore mama akchooally mayks yoo go owt and potty in the rain????? oh krool krool dozers mama!!!! ok bye

  8. Hey Dozer, I have been really dirty before and it means bathies! So don’t land wrong!

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