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5 x 5 Meme Thang

Now my pal Mina has tagged me fer a meme called 5 x 5 where I have to show the fifth pitcher in the fifth folder on Mummys compooter. Well Mummy does not file her pitchers in a way that is very convenient like that so I am gonna do it this way by going to my folder called Dozer and taking the fifth pitcher frum there. Here it is:


Well hang on wait jest one sekund here that is not me!!! That is my Mummy and Old Lady Dawg! Why is that pitcher in MY folder?? Well I must correct this injustiss so I am going to pick the SIXTH pitcher which is of me.


Thats more like it! That is a pitcher of ME yer lovabull adorabull Dozer!

These pitchers were taken in November 2007 by a nice lady named Patti Mora who is a profeshunal pet pitcher-taker. She wuz very nice even when I mebbe acksidentally almost knocked over her fancy lights and big umbrellas and kinda messed up the speshull papers and cloths that we wuz all sitting on fer sum crazy reeson. But I wuz jest soooo excited I couldnt help myself.

Now I am sposed to pass this meme along to sum other peeples but unforchoonately I thinks most of my pals have alreddy done this meme. But if you have not done this please do it okay? It is a lot of funs but only if you acktually get a pitcher of you when you do it!

Now I am gonna go talk to Mummy about her bad organizashun of the pitcher folders.


6 Responses

  1. Those pictures are both awesome!

  2. Hi Dozer! I’m going to do this challenge, but what exactly is a Meme? I’ve never heard that word before.

    Dozer sez: I dunno what a meme is but I get a lot of them so I have lerned not to mind sharing them with other dawgs. Hope you enjoys yer meme! I will stop by to see what pitcher you finded.

  3. Dozer, you needz to be a gud sharer! Da pikture uv da Old Lady Dawg iz a kyoote one.

    Ov course woo iz kyoote too, Dozer.

    Gus and Waldo

  4. Awwww Dozer… those are great pictures of you, your Mummy and the Old Lady Dawg. I’m a little confused about why they needed big umbrellas in the picture taking place. Was it raining inside?

    Your Buddy,

  5. hello dozer its dennis the vizsla dog hay at leest yore mamas kompyooter is not organized like my dadas ware there ar like a billyun folders naymd for yeerz and inside them ar a billyun more folders naymd for munths and inside them ar a billyun more folders naymd with dates and times it is madness i tel yoo!!!! oh by the way i think that is a verry nice pikcher of yore mama and old lady dawg and besides that fotografer persun shud no better then to open umbrellas inside the howse wich is bad luk ok bye

  6. Hey Dozer, your moma is VERY pretty! no wonder you love her soo much! Oh, and you are a VERY handsome Dozer too. Oh and of course Felanie is beeeootiful!

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