A Year Ago

Well my pal Trooper tagged me to tell about wut I wuz doing a year ago today. I dont think I can tell you wut I wuz doing back then but I can tell you wut I wuz NOT doing.

I wuz not getting any atenshun or luv. I wuz not going on any walks. I wuz not playing fetch. And do you know why???

Well part of it wuz cause it wuz reely wet outsides that year and it wuz too muddy to play outsides. And also part of it wuz cause Old Lady Dawg wuz very sick and Mummy wuz spending lots and lots of time with her. In fact I think Old Lady Dawg misteriously disapeared just a tiny bit less than a year ago and I wuz even more bored after that cause I reely liked Old Lady Dawg.

Anyways what a sad story! Here is a pitcher of me and Old Lady Dawg to make up fer the sad story. Although I guess the pitcher is kinda sad too cause this is the last pitcher ever of Old Lady Dawg. Sorry bout that.

Me and Old Lady Dawg in Febuary 2008

Me and Old Lady Dawg in Febuary 2008

Okay now I have to tag some other dawg pals so I am tagging Daisy the dog, Dannan the dog, and Dobby the dog! I would also tag Dennis the dog but I thinks he has already done this. If not, Dennis, go fer it.


5 Responses

  1. Awww Dozer. Old Lady Dawg looks like a real sweetheart. I’m sorry you lost her but now you have your little sister Star to keep you company. I hope you and Star have a fun weekend… (it’s snowing at my house!)

    Your Buddy,

  2. Hi Dozer. I know just what you mean about missing someone that’s gone. My parents took one of my friends away one day and she never came back either. She turned mean though so I was a little bit thankful about it. But now I have two more sister dogs to love and I am happy again.

    I love your stories and hope that someday I can have as many doggie friends as you have.

    From Princess Fiona

  3. hello dozer its dennis the vizsla dog hay that is a nice pikcher of yoo and old lady dog i no dada gits sad wen he luks at the last pikcher ever tayken of my sister pooh bear the kitty hoo was much nicer than trouble the kitty and never ever tried to kill me ennyway i hav alreddy dun this wun but i wil luk bak agin and see wot i wuz dooing a yeer ago now and it is sumthing intresting or silly i wil put it up ok bye

  4. Doze’ kid,
    It’s important to remember, especially the ancient ones that come through our lives. Your OLD must have been real special.

    Makes me more sad is the ones that don’t ever get to be like OLD. I’m still a little morning about Paco (see my blog).

    Hey what a great idea, ask your family to share OLD stories and OLD pic’s, I’ll
    Check-Back, Boris

  5. Hey Dozer thanks for taggin me. hey that old lady dawg was very pretty, we are sad she is gone to the rainbow bridge, but now you have Star to be your friend!

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