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Honestee is the Bestest Policee

Well my pal Dennis gived me this thang which is a meem and a pitcher. Here is the pitcher part:


And the meem part sez I must tell ten honest thangs bout myself. As I menshuned to Dennis this is why I did not allow Star to have this responsibilitee. Star is a known lier after pretending to be a stuffee surjen and also faking her own deth among other thangs.

Here is ten honest thangs bout myself:

  1. I dont like leaving my house never. Its scary out there in that big wurld!
  2. Once I thinked I wuz a tiny baby dawg and I tried to fit my hed through some stare railings and it did not fit! I wuz shocked and confoosed and Mummy had to reskue me.
  3. Fer sum reeson big birds does not likes me. My Mummys duck wuz mean to me all the times and now my Mummys chiken pecks me in the eye. I run away! Birds are icky.
  4. I luv the sun so much I am prolly part kitty.
  5. I have only eskaped my yard one time when I was a little dawg. I ran down to the corner and then camed right back in just a few sekunds. Mummy wuz so unhappy and I never did it again. Course that mite be cause Mummy never lets me go outsides by myself anymore. Where is the trust Mummy sheesh??
  6. I like to do flips when I am playing fetch. I am not very good at catching thangs when I flip. But I still do it cause it makes me look awesome.
  7. I decided I didnt like popcorn a loooong time ago but Mummy still hasnt caught on and she keeps giving it to me as a treat. Bleah.
  8. When I am bored I lick my feet until Mummy sez oh gross Dozer please stop licking it sounds so wet and nasty. Yes Mummy it is wet and nasty but whats a guy gotta do round here fer sum atenshun??
  9. Mummy sez my brain is prolly the size of a walnut even tho my hed is the size of a watermellen. I dunno if thats true though so mebbe this doesnt count as an honest thang?
  10. I only jumped on the cowch one time in my whole life and it wuz to eskape the terible vacum cleener of deth!! Since then I have been very carefull not to be trapped in the living room when Mummy brings out the vacum.

Whew that wuz reely very hard! Now I have to pick seven dawgs or mebbe peeples to do this meem. I am gonna pick:

  1. Daisy the pit bull who honestlee looks like me and tells it like it is bout Milk Bones
  2. Bobo and Meja who are honest bout the fact that they is not puppys but that does not stop peeple frum calling them puppys
  3. Daisy the curly cat who is always always honest and good
  4. Dannan who recently impursenated Sooperman and I am not shore if that wuz honest but dang it wuz funny
  5. Quizz whose Mummy is an honest peeple
  6. Mina or Celeste tho I am betting Mina will want to do this fer the same reeson I didnt let Star do this
  7. Gus or Waldo or their Dog Mom whoever is most honest but no fighting to the deth to decide on that ha ha!

Okay now I guess I better get started licking my feet so I can get sum luvvin frum Mummy!

Pathetik face attack! You are helpless and must luv me!

Pathetik face attack! You are helpless against it!


9 Responses

  1. Dozer, you are very honest! I think you should keep doing flips when you play catch, even though it is hard to catch things that way. The most important thing is to have fun.

    Thanks for tagging me. I am always honest, but I am not always good. Because sometimes I like to give the bitey! But I never make bloods come out.

  2. Wow, this is an honor Dozer! I’ll get dictating to my mom immediately!

    Thanks! Your friend Quizz!

  3. Oh Dozer, the dawg that looks like me, or vice versa. Thank you for tagging me! This is an honor. We will be putting up 10 things very soon, I was wondering if you could teach me to do some flips?

  4. Whoa Dozer… Resistance is futile! That is the best pathetik face ever!

    Your Pal,

    P.S. You are tagged. Come and see!

  5. hello dozer its dennis the vizsla dog hay that is a grate list and a truly ekselent pathetik fayse and hay lissen if yoo dont want yore popkorn how abowt yoo saves it up for a wile and then sends it to me in a boks??? popcorn is my preshusssssss ha ha ok bye

  6. Dat iz an aww-some list, Dozer! We iz happee dat woo tagged us. Wee hav deecided dat Gus will fill it owt. Come to see arr blog to see da list!!

    Gus and Waldo

  7. Dearest Dozer,

    You have created a very wonderful list of honest stuff. I like that in a man-dog (not to be confused with a dog who thinks he’s actually a human man).

    I will compile a list that I hope will be as honest and forthright and “insert truthy synonyms”. I will not let Celeste compile a list because not only would she be liberal with the truth, she’d list the same thing ten times.

    Miss Mina

  8. […] friend Dozer told ten things about himself that were honest, and didn’t tell one lie.  Then he made a […]

  9. Dozer, hate to admit I don’t like the vacuumeither. However, I do like the couches whenever I can get on them. Funny but there are these people stools placed all across the nice leather furniture that I like so much.
    Keep the fun stories coming and I’ll,
    Check-Back Boris (PBH ’07)

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