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Training and a Meetup

Hello everyone, it’s Star! I am borrowing Dozer’s blog because, to be honest with you, he did absolutely nothing this weekend, whereas I had a wonderful time doing quite a lot of fun things.

One exciting thing I did was go to some manners classes. This is to teach me to be a Very Good Dog. Lady and Man both took me. There are no pictures to show you this week, but I’m apparently going back next week, so maybe there will be some pictures later.

Anyway, here is what happened after the class:

Me, Star, sleeping in the car seat.

Me, Star, sleeping in the car seat.

That’s right, I fell right asleep!  Manners classes are very demanding. You must not bark or squirm or try to play incessantly with the other dogs that are near you. You have to concentrate very hard and earn special treats. I was a bit disappointed that I was not allowed to roughhouse with the other dogs, but I did get a lot of chicken pieces.

Then today Lady and Man took me to a thing called a Meetup. Once again I was not allowed to play with any of the other dogs, except just a little bit. However, there were some delicious treats there that made it easier to forget about the other dogs.

What? Treat? Where?

What? Treat? Where?

The humans all sat around talking and eating. Boooring!  I just drooled and stared while they stuffed their faces with meats and breads.

BUT check this out! In the Meetup group is a dog that looks almost exactly like me! Creepy…

I'm a little jealous of her fashionable pink halter.

I'm a little jealous of her fashionable pink halter.

I’m sure you’re wondering whether we are twins. The answer to that question is no. We can’t possibly be twins because I’m much older than she is. But the funny thing is that we are very similar in color, even right down to the white patches on our chests and toes. The big difference is that her fur is a little softer, and I have a white “star” on my shoulder.

And here I am trying on her pink halter. Ha ha, no, I'm just kidding. Or am I?

Can you tell us apart?

And here is the result of today’s socialization with the Meetup dogs:

Conked out.

"Do Not Disturb."

See? Way more fun than Dozer’s typical weekend.


6 Responses

  1. You must have worked really hard in school to sleep sooo good on the ride home!

    I bet that is a long lost sister of yours. I have one too. She is a few years older than me but looks exactly like me… it is creepy though. BOL

    Sorry Dozer didn’t get to have any fun this weekend.


  2. hello star its dennis the vizsla dog hay hmm it is odd that the other dog luks so much like yoo i hope she is not wun of thoze identity theevs wot yoo see on televizhun all the time i wood keep an eye on yore credit report if i wer yoo ok bye

  3. Star you are a beauty!

    BTW I just saw this about another Dozer who could use some help:


    Can’t wait to hear more from the Dozer and Star blog.


  4. hey star, you look really focused in most of your pictures, my dog brer also looks like she’s trying to win a staring contest in pictures. are you also one of those serious smilers? it takes a really muggy summer day to get my dog to “grin”

  5. Hey Dozer… Are you sure that’s not Star’s long lost sister? I wonder if she has frog legs when she lies down too? Hmmm…

    Your Pal,

  6. Hey Star, it looks like you had lots of fun at the meetup! Hey is the meetup like a singles bar or something? Cuz you know now you have Dozer so you don’t need to be meeting up any more dogs!

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