A Purty Day

Yesterdays wuz a purty day outsides so we spended a little time out there. I am of course well known fer my sun bathing skills.

Bright sun fun toy and soft green grass means perfect sun bathing.

Bright sun fun toy and soft green grass means perfect sun bathing.

Star did not quite understand it but she getted points fer trying.

Bright sun but none of the other thangs like fun toy or soft grass.

Bright sun but none of the other thangs like fun toy or soft grass.

And then there wuz Daddy…



7 Responses

  1. Awww… you look really happy laying in the grass with the sun on your face and that fun toy!

    Looks like Star is low maintenance huh.

    Dozer, ask your mom what genetic tests she had done on you? We are curious to see if either one that you had done was the one that we are doing? Poodle LOL boy they sure were waaaaay off!


  2. hello dozer its dennis the vizsla dog hay um yoo may alreddy no this but yoo hav got a persun living underneeth yore howse just like lazlo hollyfeld in the famus dokyoomentry reel jeenyus if yoo follo this straynj hermit persun yoo may find an enormus stash of lottry prizes posibly inklooding ham sandwichs ok bye

    Dozer sez: Hey Dennis I did take yer advise about this and started to go under the house with big dreams of ham sandwiches but unfortoonately all there wuz were sum ded rats ded leaves ded duck eggs frum when Mummy had sum ducks and ded bugs. None of them thangs wuz very appetizing and then Daddy sed Dozer get yer big hed out of my way.

  3. We have something on our blog for you! Come and check it out!

    Gus and Waldo

  4. Hehehe your Daddy is not very good at sunbathing either. Star looks very camouflaged, though!

    S and D

  5. Well you know how to pick the best spot and the best toy! maybe you should let your dadda and Star know, they don’t look as comfortable.

  6. Is your house eating your Daddy???

    You are a pro at sun bathing! Sigh, another thing you have to teach Star… maybe you should make a list.

    You sure have nice sun at your house, Dozer. I like my snow (but HATE my booties), but I like summer and lying in the grass, too. Do you guys ever get snow at your house at all???

    Brown dog kisses,

    Dozer sez: Hey Dannan no here in Teksus we get ice once a year or so but we reely dont get snow at all eckcept mebbe once every three or four years and then it is only a little and never lasts more than a few hours but let me tell you when it does snow or even jest ice it is a BIG DEAL around here and nobuddy goes to work or skool that day and everybuddy gets in ackcidents on the roads. My Daddy is frum a place called Minesota where they gets lots of snow almost all the time and he sez everybuddy here is crazy. However I am not a fan of ice or snow at all or even jest cold air so I am siding with Mummy and staying insides on chilly days.

  7. Looks like Daddy only wanted to sunbathe his lower half! 😉

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