Not Begging

Well delishuss foodies require apreciashun even if it is people foodies. Today I wanted to teach Star how to apreciate foodies without doing what Mummy calls begging. Mummy sez begging is not allowed but I have found that it is okay to apreciate foodies.

Unfortunately Star did not take my advice. It wuz good that she layed down on the floor when Mummy told her to but her begging wuz jest too obvious.

You will feed me that. Now.

You will feed me that. Now.

Howevers I wuz a Very Good Dawg and merely apreciated the foodies without begging. Though it looked a lot like I wuz smelling Stars legpit but I wuz not.

That foodies smells loverly but I am not begging.

That foodies smells loverly but I am not begging.

I have found that the key is not to look at the foodies or at Mummy or Daddy when they is eating. That is the difrence between begging and merely apreciating the foodies.


5 Responses

  1. hello dozer its dennis the vizsla dog hay i dont understand if yoo dont beg then how ar yore mama and dada going to no yoo want sum foodeez??? perhaps their is sum sutteltee i am not grasping ok bye

    Dozer sez: Hey Dennis I live in sum sort of crazy howse where Mummy is more likely to drop foodies if we pretend like it is not there. It is like that show Twilite Zone.

  2. Hewwo, Dozer and Star!

    Star, woo’d better wisten to Dozer. Mommeez and Daddeez no wike it win woo begz. Waldo is bad. He iz begginz all da timez, and da mommee and daddee getz sooo mad!

    We iz happee to see dat woo too iz getting awong so goodz!

    Gus and Waldo

  3. Hey Dozer, Thats what mom makes us do too. Just appreciate the foodies and not beg. Although I often go over to my “good girl spot” in the kitchen and talk to her about the possibility of getting a milk bone. Usually she listens, but doesn’t give me one until I stop whinning about it. Hey and rosceo and Sprocket get one too and they didn’t even have to ask!

  4. Dozer, you have soooo much to teach Star, but I can see that you are an excellent example. Keep up the good work.

    I have to work hard to avoid temptation, my nieces show me their cookies all the time. Sometimes I just can’t help it and well… the cookies fall into my mouth.

    I have a lot of work to do. sigh.

    Your friend Quizz

  5. Dozer, of course you’re a Very Good Dawg! Star has a lot to learn from you!

    I appreciate peoples foodables too. But I don’t beg! We are a couple of well-mannered doggies! If I don’t beg, I usually get a taste of most things (taste = microscopic crumb).

    Did you get a reward after appreciating?

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