Sweet Potatoe Fail

Mummy tried to sucker me and Star today by giving us each a piece of sweet potatoe while she sed heres a treat. Yeah right I knows what a treat is and this wuznt it let me tell you.

You will notice however that I still wont share with Star even if it means I had to eat them sweet potatoes myself.


8 Responses

  1. Hey Dozer you sure did alot of chewing for such a little piece of potato!

  2. BOL!!!

    Zoe does that too. she will eat absolutely anything just so I don’t get it. But that’s ok. Why would I want to eat that weird stuff any way.

    It didn’t look like you enjoyed that sweet potato much. I hope you get a better treat real soon!


  3. Hey Dozer… My mom says that sweet taters are good for you but I don’t believe her. She tried that trick with me once (with a piece of carrot) but I wouldn’t touch it. Now MILKBONES… that’s a different story!

    Bye for now,

  4. Hey I like sweet potatoes! They are yummy! Especially when my mom cooks them in the microwave with a little butter salt and pepper. Mmmmm.

    Now, green beans? Not so much!

  5. hello dozer its dennis the vizsla dog hay i am glad to see yoo cud choke down the sweet potato me and tucker luv thoze and pretty much ennything else wot falls on the floor but trixie sez vedjtabuls are poyson however she stil wont giv us hers so i think yoo ar on the saym paydj as her ha ha ok bye

  6. The look of puzzlement on your faces when you first saw the sweet potater was hilarious!

  7. Dozer the beautiful Pit Bull you really are beautiful. And you’re being so nice to your new roommate Star by not trying to eat her and eating the sweet tater.

    Pam – Bobo and Meja the Sharpei puppies’ mommy

  8. Well, Dozer, I must admit that I really like sweet potato. But, I also stand by the law of the universe that says that I will eat anything, ANYTHING, to keep the Min Pins from getting it. Good job, buddy.


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