Temptashun Resisted

Well today wuz a nice day so I went outsides fer a while. Mummy and Daddy and Unkle Eddy wuz in the front yard doin boring work stuff… yawn… But I wanted to watch so I went to the gate to see what wuz up and guess what the gate wuz open!


Well well well looky here. An open gate.

Yes well I know you are prolly thinking hey Dozer go for it run free!! But acktually I dont like doing that sort of thang. I luv my house!! So I jest stood at the gate and watched Mummy and Daddy and Unkle Eddy. It reely wuz boring. I jest stood there fer like three hours.

Is you gonna play ball with me Mummy? I am waiting fer you!

Is you gonna play ball with me Mummy? I am waiting fer you!

I know it is not too obvious in the pitcher but you see behind me there is a big dirt pile. I likes the dirt pile but Mummy does not like when I walk in it. This dirt pile is only here recently fer mysterius reasons I does not understand.

After a while Mummy putted me back insides and then she took my new roommate Star outsides. I watched through the window while Mummy teached Star to walk nice on a leash. I think Star getted chicken chunks fer doing a good job. After Mummy bringed her back insides I getted chicken chunks for doing nothing at all. Except being a Very Good Dawg but that is obvious.


8 Responses

  1. Hey Dozer, I found your blog through Addie’s site and I thought I would drop in and say hello! I’m very impressed that you didn’t go through the open gate… I would have run out that gate in two seconds flat!

    Your Pal,

    P.S. I think your new roommate Star is very pretty!

  2. Well done Dozer – you make us laugh! You are a Very Good Dawg!

  3. You are soooo good Dozer. The gate is open and I go on a walk about. My mom and grandma gets mad, but I always come back!

  4. hello dozer its dennis the vizsla dog hay that is gud yoo dont run away let me tel yoo i hav ben owt in that big bad wurld by myself and it is big and bad indeed!!! ok bye

  5. Dozer you are very good! I would have bolted if I saw a door open. I know, it’s not good. But I am learning.

    I bet you are very excited about Star. I can’t wait until you get to play with her!


  6. Hey Dozer happy new Year. I usually don’t run away eitehr except if I see another dog then I would like to introduce myself and stuff. Maybe Star brought along that big dirt pile when she moved in?

  7. Dozer you are such a good boy!! We have a fence too, and once the gate was open for about 3 days and we didn’t know it! Thankfully, Dobby was a good boy like you and didn’t go anywhere 🙂

    S and D

  8. You are the very BEST dawg, Dozer! And if Star gets chicken chunks, then so should you!

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