Speshull Foodies

Well today mmm I getted speshull foodies. This is my normal foodies plus a delishus thang called rice that is white and smooshy and sooo yummy. Silly Mummy putted the rice at the bottom and put the normal foodies on the top but I digged right down to the bottom and getted to the rice first of course.

Rice close up!

Rice close up!

After yesterdays failed Campain fer a Better Bed I will acksept this peace offering frum my Mummy and forgive that she didnt let me up on her nice soft bed. I reckon it is not her falt that she has a hart of stone. It is a terible disease.


4 Responses

  1. Yum rice rice, we get that sometimes to with burger burger! Mom puts the special foodies al mixed together so we can pick it out…. But I usually manage to anyways!

  2. hello dozer its dennis the vizsla dog hay dont they mayk pils or sumthing to kyoor that hart of stone dizeez??? it sownds almost as bad as the dizeez wot my mama and dada hav wich is hart of mush ha ha ok bye

  3. I think it is absolutely tragic you do not have the warmest, fluffiest, most awesome of beds. I mean, really, the Big Bed is *supposed* to be for us dogs but the humans co-opted it and claimed (erroneously, I might add) it as their own. Silly humans.

    You should also push for a warm, fuzzy coat which helps keep you toasty warm AND keeps you free of wetinosity. Or campaign to have your own mobile fireplace. Sure, it might get smoky but you’ll be warm.

    Yay for rice, but it isn’t as exciting as duck or lamb ribs.

    Happy Howlidays,

    Miss Mina (and Celeste)

  4. Dozer, I am so excited for you! Rice is my favouritest food, except maybe for apples! I wuff rice!

    The peoples always think they can hide the good stuff in with the everyday stuff. I don’t know why they never learn…

    I think a heart of stone is a genetic thing… The Girl has one, too. At least she lets me up on the Big Bed.

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