Omigosh I getted mail!

Well I getted a pakage todays and guess what it wuz. It wuz a present frum my pal Addie! My Mummy sed I getted to open it myself. And I did!

At first I keeped giving the pakage to Mummy cause I thinked that would be faster. But she insisted so finally I went for it.

I pulled out a delishus treat first. Mummy sed hey wait Dozer there is plastik on it so let me remove that.

Then I went back to see if there wuz more in the pakage. If you are pashent you will see my secret tekneek for getting thangs out of pakages. Yes it is called the Head Shove.

Guess what there wuz a BALL!!! Oh yes I had to stop opening that pakage and play with that BALL right away.

After I maked shore the ball would fit in my toy box (it did) then I decides to check the pakage again. And guess wut there wuz another treat and a crinklee toy!

But first before I could eated the treats Mummy made me sit fer this pitcher.

Thank you Addie!! Okay Mummy now gimme a treat.

Thank you Addie!! Okay Mummy now gimme a treat.

After all this excitement I eated the treats and made myself sicky. Those wuz good times yep.


6 Responses

  1. Dozer- wow, you did a really good job opening that package. And those are awesome new toys and treats!!!

    ❤ S and D

  2. Wow Dozer that blue ball is really cool! I never got mail before, especially balls! You are a special pit bull! Hey and thats was cool that you opened the package up all by your self!

  3. Those were wonderful videos Dozer!

    You did a very good job opening that package!

    I am soooo glad that you are enjoying the toys and treats!


  4. Dozer, you are a pro-feshunal at opening stuff! The Girl was very impressed that you put your new ball into your toy box. She is getting ideas, I think!

    We loved those videos! You are so happy in them, and we love to see you play! What an excellent day!

    Brown dog kisses,

  5. Wow Dozer! You are so good at opening stuff. Unfortunately, I have to wait at my house. My grandma gets really upset if I help. So my mom opens everything for me.

    Charlie, my cat brother, and I are working on a strategy.


  6. hello dozer its dennis the vizsla dog hay yoo hav a pretty gud packadj opening tekneek did yoo and tucker go to the saym classes to lern it??? ok bye

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