Werk Schmerk

Well honestlee what is this thang called werk and why does everybuddy do it so much? It is cutting into my luvvin time. I have had to strategikally place myself so that I cannot be ignored ennymore.

The fee to reach this desk is five treets and a kissy.

The fee to reach this desk is five treets and a kissy.

Mummy sez oh Dozer you are in my way. Well duh!! Isnt that the point?


8 Responses

  1. Ah Dozer, my mom is immune to my no work face. So when she is working on that thing she calls a laptop, I jump on her lap and kiss her face. She yells, stops working and we play chase!

  2. Hey Dozer, guess what? My mom stayed home from werk today! So we got to sleep in on the bed! She had to do stuff for a few hours but she is home early enough to go for a walkies! maybe I won’t go into hyper mode tonight……

  3. BOL!

    Good job Dozer!

    I will try that the next time my people try to get to their computers.


  4. You drive a hard bargain, Dozer!

  5. Dozer you are so smart! I try to keep my mommy from the computer but she taught my sign language and when she says ‘beat it’ I gotta go. Maybe I can pretend I forgetted the sign? Yeah that’s it. Thanks Dozer you’ve given me a good idea. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

    And good luck with the no werk face.

  6. Hi Dozer! Dobby does the same thing when I try to type on my laptop or read a magazine- he gets on my lap right in front of whatever I’m doing! You guys sure know how to get our attention 🙂

    S and D

  7. BOL… Paw it Forward on mommies foot… PRICELESS!

    We are changing our rules to 4 gifts and want to send you a Paw it Forward present. We hope that’s ok with you!


  8. Dozer, you make the best faces! That one must have worked. It must have!

    The Girl has a laptop. I bet she’d spend less time on the compooter if it wasn’t a laptop. But I have been known to put myself between her and the laptop when she’s really gone too far. I hadn’t thought of asking for treats, though. I just ask for attention. She’s addicted to that internets thing, so it would probably work!

    Brown dog kisses,

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