Ayte and Ayte and Ayte and Ayte and…

My very dear pal Dennis gived me this luvly gift and now I will shares it with you but only cause it is not a toy or a treat. It is an ayte by ayte riddle of sum sort wich I beleeve is similar to the seven by seven meme I ansered a whiles ago.

My 8 favorite foods:

  1. Beggin Strips
  2. Some bakony tasting squishy stiks
  3. Cheese
  4. Yogurt
  5. Enny kind of meet or even if it is meet flavor
  6. Chikken broth
  7. My dawg food what comes in a big bag
  8. Galileo bone which is not reely food but I likes to chew on it

8 Things I did today:

  1. Sleeped
  2. Pottyed
  3. Eated
  4. Snored
  5. Scratched myself
  6. Licked myself
  7. Greet my Mummy at the door three times after she abandoned me three times
  8. Gave Daddy my best Pathetik Face five times and it worked two times

8 Favorite Stores:

  1. The Bank Drive Thru cause I luv the mysteerius tube what sumtimes dispenses treets fer me
  2. The Farmacy Drive Thru see store #1 for the reeson
  3. The pet store what sells my dawg food
  4. The pet store what sells my toys specially my Kong ball
  5. Growshery stores what sell delishuss foodies like chikken and cheese and no Im not allowed in there I know but I still luv the foodies
  6. The corner store cause Mummy sumtimes takes me along and I get a fun ride in the car and I gets to watch the car while she is buying the milk
  7. Amys Ice Cream cause they selled ice cream treats fer dawgs
  8. Einsteins Bagels cause they selled bagel treats fer dawgs

8 Favorite Restaurants:

Unforchoonately I have no favrites fer this one tho not fer the same reeson as Dennis. Altho there may be sum restrants what would allow me to visit my Mummy wont take me. She sez if Im allowed then that means other dawgs are allowed and I am jest too rude to other dawgs. Hmph. Well she is prolly right bout that.

8 Things I look Forward To:

  1. foody time
  2. potty time
  3. bang bang! (cause of garanteed treat)
  4. nap time
  5. going fer ride in the car
  6. playing fetch in my yard with Frisbee or Kong ball
  7. chewing on my Galileo Bone or Blue Toy
  8. when Daddy sez “Get the kitty” (not too shore why but I jest reely luv when he sez that)

8 Things I Like To Do With Family:

  1. sleep on Mummys feet
  2. sleep under Mummys desk on Mummys feet
  3. sleep in kitchen on Mummys feet while she washes dishes
  4. sleep on Mummys feet while she pottys
  5. sleep on Mummys feet while she tries to walk sumwhere
  6. step on Mummys feet while running out the back door
  7. kiss Mummy and Daddy on the face at every possibble moment
  8. play fetch

8 Things on My Wish List:

  1. Kong ball
  2. Kong ball
  3. Kong ball
  4. Kong ball
  5. Kong ball
  6. Kong ball
  7. Kong ball
  8. Im sorry what wuz the queschun?

8 Buddies I’m Tagging:

  1. Daisy the lovely pit bull what looks like me
  2. Dannan the three-legged wonder dawg
  3. Addie the furry Border Collie Great Pyr mix
  4. Dobby the adorabull Cheewawa
  5. Mina the pit bull and her not-sis Celeste
  6. Patrick and Jackson two more adorabull Cheewawas
  7. Trinity the pit bull and her family
  8. Quizz who looks like a pit bull mix but who can say?

Well hey lookie there I know enuff fellow dawg bloggers now to share this puzzle. (But Im still not sharing my toys or treats or Mummy. Sorry.)


3 Responses

  1. hello dozer its dennis the vizsla dog hay that is a grate list and i hope yoo git yore seven kong balls!!! ok bye

  2. Hey Dozer, it’s me, Mina! Guess what? I got asked to do this meme twice? Yours was first and then another lovely white pit bull who goes by the name of Daisy asked me too. I am definitely feeling the love.

    I’ll get my minion to fill out the meme because that is what minions are for!

  3. Wroo, what a great list! You sure do love to be on Mummy’s feet, don’t you? Are they comfy? I just want to be touching The Girl, doesn’t matter where.

    Someone is procrastinating today (guess who?), but I’ll try to make her work on the meme.

    By the way, how did you get Daddy to start saying Get The Kitty? I want The Girl to learn that one. It would sure be better than You Cannot Have A Cat, which is the only one she knows right now.

    Brown dog kisses,

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