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Ding Dong the Dawg is Gone

Well todays Mummy left the house with Evil Dawg Titan and she did not bring him back. She tolled me he wuz adopted! She sed he has gone to live at a nice house with a big family and two other dawgs. I feel sorry for them other dawgs!!

But I shore hope it works out cause gosh its super to have all my toys back. Except my lion toy which sadly Titan destroyed and Mummy throwed it away.

I think today is possibly even more better than yesterday.

Now thangs are gonna quiet down a bit so I can get back to my regular rooteen of blogging and sleeping.


9 Responses

  1. Congratulations on finding the pup a forever home!

    Your mom is good people, you know that Dozer!

    I’m glad things will get back to normal for you. I bet Santa Paws will bring you a new replacement toy.


  2. Wow Dozer – maybe your mom could find a home for evil dog Gracie, too.

    Gus! Bad Dog! You know Gracie is here to stay!

    Gotta Go, Dozer. Mom caught me on the computer trying to give the evil red dog away…

  3. Dozer, that’s pawsome news! I am so happy to hear you have your house and Mummy and Daddy to yourself again!

    Oh, right Girlie, also that Titan got a furever home!

    Brown dog kisses,

  4. Dozer, good job on helping Titan find a forever home. I”m sorry that your Lion did not survive the experience. But maybe you’ll get another one.


  5. Oh Dozer I think you will miss that awful dog TItan. Come on admit it…

  6. hello dozer its dennis the vizsla dog hay i am glad that yoo survivd having to deel with titan the foster dog sorry to heer abowt yore lion toy maybe if yoo make yore pathetik fayse at her yore mama wil buy yoo a noo wun ok bye

  7. I am sorry to hear about your stuffie lion toy! Maybe it was an exploding toy and its bomb went off when the puppy was here?

  8. Hey Dozer, it’s me, Mina.

    Boy, am I glad that evil not-brother of yours was adopted, though I agree, apologies to the residents dogs of that house.

    I had hoped something similar would happen with my little not-sister Celeste. A year and a half later, though, I still wake up to her crazy blue eyes and annoyingly sharp teeth. When will it end?

    Yours in sibling rivalry,

    Miss Mina

  9. Dozer,

    It’s me Ruby, new girl on the block. After reading this I am so glad my mom convinced my dad that getting another pup was not a good idea…she gave him some excuse that i’m not calm enough yet, guess i’ll have to keep up the good work. Glad you have your toys all to yourself again!

    -Ruby Roo

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