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Well some videos have surfaced on the Interweb that purport to show me playing (gasp gasp!!) with that Evil Dawg Titan. I say preposterus! Lets view these allejed videos now.

Well I does not play bow to no dawg never! So that must not be me it must be some other dawg.

And what is this video?

That dawg look like me?? Preposterus I say! Ick and look how they are hanging on each other.

I cant beleeve anyone would think that dawg looks like me.

Oh I am going to be sickies.

5 Responses

  1. Well Dozer it sure isnt me!!! And it looks like you enjoyed getting your ears nice and cleaned!! hey were you trying to do the mind meld thing when you put your paw on titans head! Pretty cool.

  2. Dozer… it looks like you have a new best friend!

    Enjoy eachother!

  3. Oh Dozer you are the best friend ever…

  4. hello dozer its dennis the vizsla dog hay let me just say curse yoo paparazzi!!!!! i hav had menny runins with them and no how unskroopyulus they can be ok bye

  5. Well Dozer, I don’t know who that doggie was, but he sure was having fun! And your ears must be so clean!

    (It would be okay if that was you, giving your Mummy a break to let her relax. It would really be okay!)

    Brown dog kisses,

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