Where is the Luv?

Well it has been a little whiles since I posted and it is mostly cause Mummy is not letting me on the compooter.

This is mostly that awful dawg Titans fault cause he takes up all her time. Why jest yesterday who wuz it that wuz gone fer hours and hours and came home smelling like car and pet store and park? Not me thats fer shore. No I wuz home enjoying a nap fer those hours and hours and I wuz kinda glad Titan wuz gone but not glad that Mummy wuz gone. Cause when she is gone she cant luv me.

So when Mummy gets home I make shore she luvs me as much as possible. I help her akomplish this by walking in front of her and blocking her path no matter where she goes. I bring her toys while she is visiting the people potty place and I put my head on her hands when she is typeing. And when she is getting a bathies I sit on the rug outside the bathies place and rub my furs on her when she gets out and is still wet. She also apresheeates my head in her lap when she is eating foodies espeshially when I drools a bit on her pants. Also I reach out and touch my Mummy with my paw by standing on her foot while she is opening the door so I can go outsides and then I launch off her foot to run outsides. This makes her scream and shout and though she is holding her foot I know she is reely shouting fer joy cause she luvs me sooo much.

Yes my Mummy cant help but luv me cause we are so close like two pees in a pod. That awful dawg Titan is trying to make it like three pees in a pod with him in the middle!

Speaking of pee I did exakt revenge on Titan the Evil Dawg at long last and made it seem very aksidental. Yes I tricked him into putting his head under my leg and then I peed on his head.

Mummy wuz not too pleased but she wuz not mad at me fer doing it. No she wuz mad at Titan fer sticking his head where it dont belong.


3 Responses

  1. That Titan is sure a little brat, glad you peed on his head.

    It sounds like you are making the best of a bad situation, Dozer, with the ways you are helping your Mummy pay attention to you. I have never rubbed against The Girl when she’s wet from the shower, but I love to roll on her damp towel. Maybe tomorrow I will try rubbing her instead!

    I hope that Titan brat gets another home soon. Keep up the campaign to keep all your Mummy’s attention, Dozer.

    Brown dog kisses,

  2. Poor Dozer!! But you know your momma is just tring to make Titan learn to be a good doggie so he can get adopted. She loves you the best, I am sure of it! Oh and the pee trick sounds pretty funny, can you teach me to lift a leg?

  3. hello dozer its dennis the vizsla dog hay way to praktis dogjitsu with the peeing on titans hed!!! i wil hav to remember that trik ha ha ok bye

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