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Ah, Qwiet At Last

Well today Titan the Evil Dawg left. Mummy drived him away somewheres and when she came back he wuz not with her.

I wuz reely hoping that she drived him into the kuntry and left him there but she sed no Titan is jest getting nootered today.

So I am jest gonna enjoy this nice qwiet day while it lasts. I am having nice dreams of Titan getting his booty kicked by a big dawg at the vet place.

You cant see it too good but my tongue is sticking out while Im sleeping!

You cant see it too good but my tongue is sticking out while Im sleeping!


5 Responses

  1. hello dozer its dennis the vizsla dog hay titans booty is going to be the leest of his wurreez ware he is going ha ha ok bye

  2. Well I hope ou got some rest, becuase when Titan feels better he might want to play with your toys again. Just remember its almost Christmas and Santa brings lots of chicken strips to good dogs who share.

  3. Awww Dozer you are exhausted! Get some good sleep time in sweetie!

  4. Dozer, We would like to send you a holiday card. If you would like to receive it please email us your mailing address at raisingaddie@gmail.com


  5. Hope you enjoyed your Titan-free day!

    Brown dog kisses,

    Pee Ess Maybe Titan will have to wear a Cone Head and will stop being such a pain. At least a little bit.

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