Good v. Evil

Well I knows that wen I wuz last telling you bout the terrible foster dawg what has come to stay with us fer a while I sed he wuz evil and bad and awful. And that is all true but Mummy sez if I want that dawg to go to a new home I must lern to talk about him in a nice way so people will luvs him and want to keeps him fer themselves.

Geeze youre making a mess Titan.

Geeze youre making a mess Titan.

So I am going to talk about this dawgs redeeming kwalitees.

This dawgs name is Titan. His name is a redeeming kwalitee. Mummy sez Titans wuz gods of old times so I reckon Titan is a powerful dawg what can grant you wishes and stuff. He has not granted me any wishes but perhaps that is cause I wish he would drop dead ha ha just kidding no seriously I do.

Also if you recall I wuz gonna have to be a Very Bad Dawg to remind Mummy and Daddy of the reesons why they does not want to get another dawg. But this wuz causing me sum sadness cause I likes to be a Very Good Dawg and I wuz not too shore how to be Bad.

Well Titan has solved this problem fer me compleetlee cause he is an Extraordinarilee Bad Dawg and he is doing a great job of making Mummy and Daddy crazy. Mummy sez it is cause he is a cattle dawg and wants to work and exercise and even worse hes a puppy and untrained too so he is a whirlwind of terror that rampages through our howse except when he is sleeping. But I sez that is nonsense cause an Evil Dawg could also be a whirlwind of terror and if you follow Occams Razor then that is the logical conclushun not all Mummys theorys about whatever she wuz saying.

I would so bite you if this wuznt in my mouth.

I would so bite you if this wuznt in my mouth.

What is more is that when Titan and me are compared then not only does Titan look like a Very Bad Dawg but I looks like an Absolutely Perfect Dawg in every way. So way to go Titan fer making Mummy and Daddy luv me that much more!

Mummy sez I have entirely missed the point about telling about Titans good kwalitees. But I am pretty shore I didnt leave any out so I am not shore wut else Mummy expekts me to say.


6 Responses

  1. Oh Dozer! I understand completely! Tommy the terror was at my house all day on Saturday. He is just a little beagle puppy. I’m nice to him, but he is so loud. AND he takes all my chews. My mom gives him his own chews, but he like mine. sigh. What’s a dog to do.

    I’m trying to be a saint (whatever that is), but I’m going to sit on him. Just see if I don’t!

    Quizz the Patient

  2. Hey Dozer, Mina here: I feel for you. Having a not-sister is difficult, let alone a terribly awful not-brother who is evil.

    I suggest at least teaching him some useful stuff, like stealing food and maybe the pouty face (pouty faces around here get everyone attention and cookies).

    Yours in sibling woes,

    Miss Mina

  3. Fangks for visitin my dadeez blog that I yooz sumtyms Dozer.
    I’m glad i dont hav a evool werlwind of destrukshon fosta kat-or-dog at mi howse.
    A Kat or Dog???
    Iz it a kat or iz it a dog, it carnt mayk itz mind up Ha Ha

  4. hello dozer its dennis the vizsla dog hay that is a grate yoose of occams razor heer let me help yoo owt by loading up morgans cannon an opening fire with it ha ha hay titan sownds like he wood fit in heer plus then i wood hav sumbuddy to blaym things on becuz mama duznt seem to beleev that tucker or trixie or trouble ar the wuns recking the howse maybe yoo cud put titan in a boks and mail him to me hee hee ok bye

    Dozer says: Hey Dennis you know Mummy wuz thinking that same thang cause Titan chewed our sofa jest the way you do sumtimes and she sed he would be great at helping you with the alien pillow monsters. She is taping the boks up now.

  5. I think you for got to mention something?

  6. Dozer, I think you’ve done a great job of mentioning Titan’s good qualities, no matter what your Mummy says!

    I’m glad you didn’t try to be a Very Bad Dawg. And even gladder that you didn’t have to, since Titan is so good at it. You can’t help but be a Very Good Dawg, that’s just who you are.

    Maybe your pawrents will change their minds about getting you a sibling? Titan might scare them off that idea!

    Brown dog kisses,

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