Well it did finally get cold outsides today fer the first time in a whiles. Here I am cuddling in my blankies.

Heh heh can you see me?

Heh heh can you see me?

I can’t put them blankets on myself but after Mummy or Daddy wraps me up then I curl up nice and comfy!


4 Responses

  1. Hey that looks like me when I sleep in my blankies! Just a hint Dozer, when I want to get covered at night and mom is asleep I just sstart talking real quiet until she wakes up to cover me. Well sometimes I have to get a litle loud.

  2. WOW that looks cozy in there!


  3. Poor chilly Dozer! Snuggle up!

  4. Hope you’re warm, Dozer! I don’t like to be inside blankets, but the Min Pins sure do. I’d rather cuddle with The Girl than be in a blanket… but if I’m cuddling with her and she happens to put a blanket over me, I allow it. BOL!

    Brown dog kisses,

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