Well jest when I thinked my Daddy had my best intrests in mind you will not beleeve what happened. Late last night Daddy comed home from work with… A DAWG!!

Here is our first meeting which wuz on my back porch in the dark so sorry about the poor qualitee.



This dawg wuz jest given to Daddy by a man what decided he didnt want the dawg no more and wuz jest gonna dump it sumwheres. Mummy sed well we can foster it but it must find a difrent home cause this is not at all the type of dawg I wanted you know. My Mummy sez Daddy has an inkurable disease called “Save the World Syndrome” and honestlee if this is one of the symptums then I thinks it is probably the most terrible disease ever.

This awful monster proceeded to contaminate all my toys.

Hey that is MY squirrel toy!

Hey that is MY squirrel toy!

Hey that is MY bone!!

Hey that is MY bone!!

Never mind that mebbe I havent played with my squirrel or bone toys in a long time its still not fair at all.

Needless to say I bited this awful dawg in the face quite a lot jest to make shore he knowed how much I didnt like him. But that dawg doesnt seem to get the hint cause he is always trying to play with me. Mummy sez I need to lern to turn the other cheek but to give her credit she does keep that dawg away frum me most of the time.

Here I am trying very hard not to bitey that dawg in the face.

Here I am trying very hard not to bitey that dawg in the face.

Yeah keep moving punk.

Yeah keep moving punk.

So this awful horrible beast dawg is available fer adoption if anywun wants him I will give him to you fer free jest pleeze come get this awful thang.

Oh Mummy iz saying hes gotta be nootered first heh heh well that mite be worth keeping him around jest so I can laff at him afterwards.


4 Responses

  1. Dozer, your dad is good people!

    It is very sweet that your family is taking care of this dog and finding him a home. Every dog deserves a chance at a good home.

    Hang in here Dozer. That dog looks very sweet. I bet he will have a new home in no time.


  2. hello dozer its dennis the vizsla dog hay nootering is no laffing matter!!! wel unless it happens to sumwun else so in this kayse i gess it is ok ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ok bye

  3. Well Dozer, that is a very cute dog, but not as cute as you! Are you sure you don’t want a little brother to boss around? It might be fun!

  4. Hello Dozer this is Bobo the SharPei dog. You are very brave. You shud welcome this new dog. He culd be a grate playmate.My sister Meja is a gud play toy I mean mate. Please be nice to your new friend. Everyone needs love Dozer. Your friend Bobo the SharPei dog.

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