I Herd Her Say It

Well Mummy had a seerius talk with Daddy tonite and I herd her say sumthang very awful. She sed honey I thinks we are reddy for another dawg.

WHAT!! What do you mean ‘we’???

Then Daddy pointed to me and sed well mebbe you are reddy but what about Dozer?

Yes thank you Daddy fer considering my feelings.

Then Mummy sed oh he will get over it he was fine with Felanie (she means Old Lady Dawg). And Daddy sed well okay then. Way to cave in Daddy sheesh. Is you a man or a mouse?!

Well I will let you know if this develops any more. I am considering becoming a Very Bad Dawg fer a while so perhaps they will reconsider this foolish desision.


6 Responses

  1. Dozer, I feel your pain man! I was already living with 3 dachshunds, which was OK cause they are short and I can just step on them if I need to. Then my mom said there was this girl-APBT that needed to be rescued. So Gracie came home to live with us. And boy did that rock my world – she is not short and I can not just step on her if I need to – plus she is younger and has more energy and bounciness than I don’t know what. And she bounces on me and sometimes she even knocks me down and she steals my sticks that I like to chew on, and she steals other stuff, and she is like an evil red devil dog – except my mom loves her and says she is sweet and I could go on and on about all the trouble she is… So Dozer, be brave and enjoy your life now, cause it will never be the same… Poor Dozer!!

  2. Dozer, I have two words for you… toilet paper… go find it and destroy it. That is drive them crazy!

    Look on the bright side… you will have someone to play with all the time!

    My mom is trying to get a playmate for me too. Every time we go to the Dog Park at our Vet office there is another puppy there up for adoption that she just falls all over.

    Keep us posted and good luck with the destruction of things.


  3. Dozer,
    My mom’s brother got a beagle puppy. My job is to teach him manners, or at least that’s what my mom says. But who can teach manners to a little ball of energy that won’t stay still for a minute and bites my tail?

    Good luck my brother! Quizz the tired pit bull

  4. Oh Dozer, I think you might like having a little brother or sister! You could have fun and play games together!

  5. hello dozer its dennis the vizsla dog hay if yoo need tips on how to be a bad dog i think tucker and i can help yoo owt ha ha ok bye

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