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Fun and Games

Well Mummy sumhow convinced Daddy to buy a toy that is called an ex-Box. It is a peoples toy not a dawg toy so it is not too intresting to me at all but when they bringed it home they made a big mess. I does not quite understand why they getted this ex-Box cause they already had an ex-Box and sum other toys like compooters and a Pee Ess Three and a vakum cleener which is the least fun toy ever but Mummy plays with it a lot.

Anyways they made a mess cause Mummy sed it wuz time to get rid of the old ex-Box which is jest plain silly cause everybuddy knows you dont throw out toys until they is all ripped up and that ex-Box wuz not ripped up. So now the old ex-Box and sum other thangs is all over the floor and the new ex-Box has already took its place talk about disrespektful to the old ex-Box!

And Mummy and Daddy has been playing ex-Box games in the evenings now which is hard on me cause I LUV LUV LUV my Mummy and I wanna be next to her all the times no matter what so I has to sleep in the living room on the floor. And Mummy sits on the sofa couch on the side that is next to the wall so if I wanna sleep next to her I gots to squeeze into a little space like this:

Can you see me? Ha ha I am well hidden.
Can you see me? Ha ha I am well hidden by the Otto Man.

Mummy sez this jest cant be good fer my neck. Well gee Mummy maybe if you sitted on the side that wuz not against the wall then I would not have to cram myself here!


Sorry about these pitchers it wuz very dark in the room cause aparently you must play ex-Box without too many lights on.


4 Responses

  1. Oh Dozer, I know what you mean about the x-box!

    My parents have one and they dance around the room while they are playing this one game with loud music. How silly! BOL

    Looks like you found a good hidding place to escape to until they are finished.


    Dozer says: Oh yes you reminded me of when Mummy and Daddy played with the toy called a Wee. Good gravy they wuz moving all over the place and I thinked they wuz fighting invisible peoples and I wuz so nervus about that! Then after a while I decided there wuz no invisible peoples after all and Mummy and Daddy jest go a little crazy when they play with the Wee. I still try to stay close to Mummy even if she is acting crazy but sumtimes it means she acksidentaly hits me and then she sez oh Dozer Im sorry but you are in the way!

  2. Hmm. My mom does not have an Ex-Box, only and Ex-husband. Is that the same thing?

  3. Wait wait wait … your MOM had to convince your DAD to get an X-Box???

    Jennifer says: Believe it or not, I bribed him for it by letting him buy a 37″ flat screen TV to go with it. Byrd is not big on gaming, but he loves watching TV, the bigger the better.

  4. Hi Dozer, it’s me CELESTE!!! I wishes I had an extra box to play with, I bet it is very chewable and hard and has wires and stuff which I LOVE LOVE LOVE!

    I bet your mom is like my mom and doesn’t like it when you chew extra boxes, though.

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