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Mystery Mouse and Fly Invasion

Well if you remembers a while back there wuz signs of a mouse in my house. Then Mummy buyed a trap to catch the mouse.

Well the mouse didnt go in the trap and nobuddy saw any mouse signs anymore for a long time so Mummy thinked it wuz gone. So she throwed the trap away and I also felt better cause I didnt have to worry bout doing my job which I think mebbe wuz to scare the mouse but I never wuz too cleer on that part.

Then the mouse signs showed up again! So Mummy buyed another trap but the mouse hasnt gone in that trap either and the mouse signs has moved to another part of the house now. Now they are in Daddys office which is very messy cause Daddy is a messy guy so its a nice place fer a mouse to live even tho there is not reely any food but there is lots of paper and plastic and metal.

But I am too busy to mess with the mouse bizness right now cause we are having the Great Fly Outbreak of 2008 and there are lots and lots of flies insides for sum reason. Mummy sez its cause there wuz a cold frunt and that made lots of bugs try to come insides for warmness and the flies get insides the easiest cause they jest fly right in when she opens the door to let me potty.

And it is my job to eat all the flies even though nobuddy tolled me to I jest likes to do it. I think Mummy needs the help cause she killed a lot of flies yesterday but today there are jest as many flies still alive.

4 Responses

  1. Woah. The Girl is terrified of mouses! I sure hope your Mummy finds the mouse and gets rid of it. The Girl would be beside herself!

    Do flies taste good? I don’t think I’ve ever tried a fly. But you are a Very Good Dawg for helping your Mummy get rid of them. I’m sure she doesn’t like them in the house either!

    My Wordless Wednesday picture was taken in my backyard. I asked The Girl why it didn’t look like it was, and she said that she’s never taken a picture from that spot before. In the middle of my yard, there is a group of trees, tall and small, and I think The Girl took the picture through some of the bare branches of the small trees. She never goes over there hardly ever.

    Brown dog kisses,

  2. Hi there! Nice to meet you! Did you ever get to sniff out the mouse?

  3. hello dozer its dennis the vizsla dog hay my mama had a fly problem too and she bawt a bunch of veenus flytraps i am not sugjesting yoo do the saym becuz i am pretty shoor the flytraps hav desines on eeting us dogs so if yoo see them show up at yore howse i sugjest yoo tayk them owtside and berry them ok bye

  4. Roscoe and I are also on the fly patrol in our house! But lately there have not been too many. Mom used to leave the door ajar for us to go in and out when she was home, then we always had lots of flys, but when the birds started to come in she made the door shut! So now we have to ask her to open the door.

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