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Uh Ohs Its the V Word

Well I have never herd the word old so menny times as I herd it todays.

It is because I have hurted myself something awful but not on the outside like when Mummy has to put a yukky cream and a bandaid on my leg. The hurt is inside my leg and so I dont want to walk at all. And it wuz very embarasing but I will tell you anyways that I almost falled down the stairs because my leg hurted so bad.

And then Mummy kept saying oh dear Dozer you are getting so old what an old man you are. And Daddy sed poor Dozer are you reely that old you got arthriteiss? OH GOSH I AM NOT THAT OLD OKAY??? I am gonna be eight years old this month and they are called golden yeers and last I checked everybuddy wants gold.

Anyways then after lots of old old old and poor Dozer in the morning the hurting got worse and worse and then Mummy sed gee Dozer you are actually not doing so well and I think mebbe its time to see the VET. Yes thats right SHE SED THE V WORD!!

Oh geeze how much worse could it get. I does not like the vet cause I get torchured there and even though I get treats it is still not my house and there are lots of strange dawgs there and nobuddy plays ball with me.

Well I will let you know wut happens at the vet. I am shore it will be embarasing no matter what.

5 Responses

  1. Oh no Dozer, I hope you are ok.

    The Vet will be able to help you. I love to go to the vet. They are very nice to me when I go.

    I’ll keep my paws crossed for you buddy.


  2. Oh Oh! Just so you know its a good thing you do not have noodles like Dennis, oh wait a minute you are a boy like Dennis? Right???

    Anyhow we hope that you are not having any pain and your leg feels better very soon, please let us know right away becaucse I am very very very wooried about my twin! Huggies fro Dozer!

  3. hello dozer its dennis the vizsla dog hay like daisy sed if they start tawking abowt noodels run away!!!! ennyway i hope yoo feel better and dont have arthuritis as arthuritis is a verry seeryus condishun i hav herd it is a result of getting kawt between the moon and new york sitty hav yoo evr ben to eether playse??? ok bye

  4. Oh Dozer, I know you are young at heart, and that is the important thing. I hope the doctor can make you feel better.

  5. Oh Dozer, sure hope you’re feeling better! The Girl says there’s a newer post than this one, so I should let her read that one to me before I get too upset. We’re gonna go do that.

    Brown dog kisses,

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