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My Lion and Tiger Toys

Well Mummy and Daddy bringed home some fun toys and the best part is they are BIG BIG BIG like me! I like to carry them around with me so we can share fun times together. One is called Lion Toy and one is called Tiger Toy.

I decided that the fun with them wuz so much that I cant show you with pitchers I have to use sum videos! So here are my first ever videos of my toys.

First I will show you my Lion Toy.

While I am playing with Lion Toy I thinked I might tear it a little jest fer fun. But Mummy put a stop to that as you can see.

And here is my Tiger Toy! I do luv to play with these toys.

Arent my new giant toys neat?

6 Responses

  1. hello dozer its dennis the vizsla dog hay wow those ar sum major toyz yoov got their!!!! all yoo need now is a bear toy and then yoo wil hav lions and tigers and bears oh my!!!! ok bye

  2. Those sure are Dozer size toys! We LOVE seeing you play!

    Do you think your Mom will eventually let you rip them open and destuff them? That’s my favourite part!

    Brown dog kisses,

  3. Hey guys, you’ve been tagged. I played along, now it’s your turn. Go to the blog and see what I mean. (Trinity)


  4. Wow Dozer! I love stuffie toys, but mom wont buy them any more cuz the last ones she got were defective and exploded all over the house 😦

  5. Dozer those toys look awesome! Dobby even likes to play with huge toys like that, although they look bigger than he is!

    S and D

  6. […] Posted on May 18, 2009 by Dozer Well you may remember My New Toy: Tiger Toy which I getted a looong time ago along with Lion Toy. Mummy letted me have Lion Toy way back then […]

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