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Pit Bull Awareness Day 2008

Well everyone today is Pit Bull Awareness Day!

Me and my Mummy and Daddy

There is sum confoosion about what today is about. I am here to tell you that today is not about luvving pit bulls or hugging them or adopting them although if you wanna do that heck thats perfectly okay and reely awesome.

No what today is reely about is jest understanding pit bulls and respeckting them as living animals what jest need peoples help in a big way. Lots of peoples think that pit bulls are all mean scary vishuss evil dawgs what will eat people babies and stuff. Today I hopes you will take sum time to learn a little bit about pit bull dawgs and what they is really like.

There is lotsa pit bull dawgs out there like me who are in nice homes with Mummys and Daddys what luv them but there is also sum unlucky dawgs out there who does not have nice luvving Mummys or Daddys and they live outsides and are alone a lot. Them dawgs need help not hate!


4 Responses

  1. hello dozer its dennis the vizsla dog hay this is a gud and important post beleev me i no all abowt dogs wot ar neglekted and ignord oh and that is a verry verry not at all pathetik fayse yoov got their ha ha ok bye

  2. Hey Dozer did your mom and dadda go to a meet up? I know how much you don’t like them, but mom would like to know ab0out it. there were no meet ups really nears us 😦

    Dozer sez: Oh yes them cheaters did go to a awareness day meetup event thang and they did come home smelling all stinky like other dawgs. The only thang what saved them from my pouting wuz that they taked me on a ride and also I getted sum fun new toys which will be the topic of my next posts. I think Mummy is gonna post about the awareness day thang on her blog. Hmph.

  3. Hiya Dozer! Nice to meet cha & welcome to Dogs With Blogs! I think all dogs are wonderful dogs & that includes fighting breeds too like PitBulls. It’s the way you bring up the dog & the way we live our lifestyle together. It’s very important to socialize the dog & to train it too. I think this is a very good post for everyone to read!

    Butt wiggles,
    Solid Gold Dancer

    Dozer sez: Hi Solid Gold Dancer its nice to meet you!! Ha ha I know peoples call me a pit bull but thats reely jest cause I looks like one. Mummy getted me a DNA test thang and it sed I wuz all kinds of dawgs like Bulldawg and Dalmatian and Parson Russell Terrier and even Poodle. I think most peoples prolly dont reelize that dawgs what are called “fighting breeds” arent reely bred fer that ennymore. Most of us is jest adorabull mutts!

  4. Me and The Girl just wuff pit bulls! I wish she hadn’t been all sickie on Saturday and we could’ve done our post about Pit Bull Awareness Day. She says that it’s ok, that every day should be Pit Bull Awareness Day. I think that’s just her excuse for too much wine on Friday night, though.

    Brown dog kisses,

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