Zen Dawg

Well yesterday I practissed my Zen pose wich I like to call Sleepy Dawg. It is kinda similar to Dannan’s Upside Down Dawg pose I thinks.

And stretch... and breathe...

And stretch... and breathe...

The proper way to break this pose is to sneeze reel loud over and over and over and then start thrashing and kicking and then roll overs and jump up and look surprised. It is not reely very relaxing at the end but thats because this is an inviggerating pose.

Also do not do it like that if you are on the very edge of the bed cause you will fall off and it will be very embarasing not that I have ever experiensed such a thang.


3 Responses

  1. Well Dozer if you do it on a chair instead of a bed you will be squished in and it would be impossible to fall off! Do you got to sleep in the bed bed all night????

  2. Dozer, that’s exactly what I do, too! I didn’t know it was Zen, but it makes sense knowing how centered I feel afterward. And the sneezing at the end thing? That’s what I do! You and Daisy might look like twins, but you and me, we ACT like ’em!

    (And, although I personally have no knowledge of such a thing, it is only responsible to warn other doggies with less experience: going Upside Down / doing Sleepy Dawg should not be done near the edge of the couch, either.)

    Brown dog kisses,

  3. hello dozer its dennis the vizsla dog hay i hav ekspeeryensed the falling off the bed thing menny times i hav fownd that if yoo do it just rite yoo can pull all the covers with you and then they not only brake yore fall but then yoo can stay nice and warm the hole time mama and dada dont seem to like it tho wen i do that ha ha ok bye

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