Meetups Is Bad

Well Mummy and Daddy went to a thang tonite called a meetup. It wuz fer peoples who own pit bull dawgs like me cause I guess us pit bulls have our own thang called an awareness day which I hear is coming up very soon. And Mummy and Daddy are gonna help at that day so tonite they went to meet the other peoples what are helping.

Anyways here are the awful thangs whut happened to them when they went.

First of all I didnt get to come cause Mummy sed oh Dozer you wouldnt like it you dont like other dawgs and you dont even like leaving the house dont worry we will be back soon. So they leaved me.

Second of all when they camed home they both smelled like LOTSA DAWGS!! Omigosh they wuz cheatin on me with other dawgs! I sniffed Mummy and Daddy fer like hours and hours cause I jest could not beleeve they would do sech an awful thang.

And third of all they came home talking about sum cute dawg they sawed there and saying how it wuz adoptable and mebbe Dozer would like a pal to hang outs with. Um hello NO I WOULD NOT like a pal. All yer atenshuns are belongs to me!!

And thats why I does not like meetups. The end.


4 Responses

  1. Ummm, Dozer I agree with you on the NO I WOULD NOT LIKE A PAL thing. My mom brought home a pal from where she works at an animal shelter because the pal dog had gone to the top of the list (apparently it was a bad list to be on). Anyways Gracie the pit bull lives here now too. She is not my favorite at all, cause I have to share my people with her and plus she outweighs me and has a lower center of gravity so she takes me to the ground several times a day – I did not ask for a pal, I did not want a pal, but I gots one anyway…

  2. hello dozer its dennis the vizsla dog hay wow that meetup sownds like a verry scarry playse but maybe it wuznt that their were reely other dogs their maybe yore mama and dada wer just spraying eech other with dog sented kolone it cud happen!!!!! ok bye

  3. Oh, Dozer, that is awful! The Girl went to a meeting at the SPCA last night and didn’t take me, either. I love to go to the SPCA cuz there’s lots of smells and cats and birds and rabbits and mice… She was cheatin’ on me, too. I smelled it on her when she got home.

    I hope you don’t have to get a pal. I don’t like to share The Girl either. Sometimes she makes me share her with the Min Pins, but she’s not really their Girl. She’s mine, and I’d hate to have a pal that thought she was theirs!

    Brown dog kisses,

  4. Hmmm. This is a cause for action! However as a dog, I am not quite sure what that action should be! Maybe you could just talk to them about your feelings? I mean you are already sharing the love with a Chicken!

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