I Didnt Chase Thangs

I think Rusty might not be so proud of me cause the other day I acktually had a chance to chase a skwirrel and I did not do it.

But let me eksplain in my defence Mummy tolled me not to run cause it wuz muddy outsides and I had to pee and usually I run real fast outsides so I can pee. But this time before she opened the door Mummy sed Dozer listen to me you must not run outsides it is muddy. Well I know wut mud is cause when I get mud on my feet Mummy has to wipe my feet clean and its awful so now when Mummy sez to be careful then I am careful!

So anyways then after Mummy sed dont run then she opened the door and there was a skwirrel!! Right there in the yard! But Mummy had tolled me dont run and so I jest stood there and watched the skwirrel and the skwirrel sawed me and then it runned across the grass and up a tree. And then I went pee and went insides.

Mummy wuz proud but also a little confoosed and she sed oh Dozer that wuz so good and you didnt get yer paws muddy but why didnt you chase that skwirrel my goodness you must be getting old!

Old?? Mummy you tolled me not to run!

To chase or not to chase?

To chase or not to chase?


7 Responses

  1. hello dozer its dennis the vizsla dog hay i gess this is wun of thoze sitchooayshuns ware yoo ar between a rok and another rok oh no wayt thats rong its ware yoo ar between a rok and a catch 22 ummmm hm no thats rong too wel ennyway wot wer we tawking abowt agin??? oh rite roks i like roks eksept they ar hard ok bye

  2. A dog just can never get it right, can he? You were a Very Good Dawg to do as your Mummy told you, and very clever as well! We are proud of you, Dozer!

    Brown dog kisses,
    Dannan and The Girl

  3. Hey Dozer, Mina here – wow, you are a very kind dog to listen to your mom. Very kind.

    Sometimes, I listen to my minion just to give her high hopes of finally getting me to really listen. Then I eat some grass and yell at the annoying mini-dog next door.

    Keeps her on her toes.

    I would advise, though, that chasing mutant squirrels is practically a canine duty. It sounds like that mutant squirrel knew you meant business and high-tailed it out of there. You didn’t have to any work. Good job.

  4. Hey Dozer. I think that you are always a very good. I like to chase my ball more than squirrels, and since Rosce is friends with the squirrels I try not to chase them even thought I am an official member of the squirrel patrol!

  5. I’m glad you didn’t chase the squirrel ‘coz I reckon they are cute critters. If you American people don’t want them & think they are pests why not send them all here to Tasmania??? Kinda like the British did with the convicts they didn’t want in England in the 1800’s, that’s why I’m here….

  6. We Tasmanian’s will love them and hug them and call them George

  7. Dozer,
    Don’t worry about it! Mom sometimes gets in my way when it comes to chasing squirresl Oh, it’s all fun and games for her it that little squirrel is in a tree while I’m barking at it, but just let it get in the yard with me and it’t “No Rusty,” “Leave it alone Rusty,” “Here Rusty, come here now…..” Humans!

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