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I Am Pashent

Well while Mummy, Daddy, and Unkle Eddy worked on a house fer the stoopid chicken I wuz very very good and pashent and I waited fer them to play with me and I did not pester them. Even tho we wuz outsides and it wuz a loverly day and so sunny and warm and I wanted so badly to play.

Insted I sitted in the grass behind a white line that Daddy sed I wuz not allowed to cross.

Okay Im a little over the line but I jest cant help it Im a big dawg.

Okay Im a little over the line but I jest cant help it Im a big dawg.

Nobuddy sed my toy couldnt cross the line though.

Nobuddy sed my toy couldnt cross the line though.

Well the good thang wuz that they didnt ignore me and Daddy and Unkle Eddy took turns throwing my tiny Frisbee toy so I wuz very happy. I decided to overlook the fact that they wuz building a house fer that stoopid chicken and yet nobuddy ever builded a house fer me. Mummy sez thats cause I live in a big big peoples house already but I sez that is jest not the same thang as having yer own house. Its okay Mummy and Daddy I forgives you as long as you keep throwing my toy and feeding me delishus treats.


5 Responses

  1. Hi Dozer!! It’s me, CELESTE!! I has a house in my mom’s house. I calls it my Craterator. I snooze in it during the day and eats my food in it and also keep about fifty kajillion toys in it all day long. I suggest you get one of these Craterators. My big sister, Miss Mina, loves my Craterator sooooo much that she tries to shove me in it five times a day (it’s because she wants one of her own, I think).

    In any event, I’m very sorry you don’t has a craterator.


    Dozer sez: Well hi Celeste acktually I used to have a crate thang a long time ago and Mummy putted me and Old Lady Dawg in our crates when she (Mummy) leaved the house. But when Old Lady Dawg misteriusly disappeared then Mummy sed I didnt need the crate thang ennymore. Cause I am a Very Good Dawg and I dont tear thangs up like I used to do when I was a baby dawg and also Mummy sez there is no dawg fer me to be separated frum while Mummy is gone. I dont reely miss my crate too much cause I likes to look out the window at thangs and sumtimes Mummy fergets to close the bedroom door so I go sleeps on Mummys bed but dont tell her that! I always jump off the bed when I hear the front door open so nobuddy can prove nothing. Hmm now I forgetted what my point here wuz.

  2. Oh, Dozer, you’re better off without your own house! Just think, if you had a house outside, they might want you to stay in it instead of in the people house with them! And the chicken doesn’t get to stay with them, so you’re obviously more loved than the chicken!

    Brown dog kisses,

  3. hello dozer its dennis the vizsla dog hay i agree with the girl it is better to be inside than owtside even if yoo do hav yore own howse owtside unless maybe the howse is full of ham but that nevr happens eksept in my luvly luvly dreems ennyway wen yoo come over to the doghowse of justiss to go bowling mayk shoor not to step ovr the line on the bowling alley or else yore ball wont kownt and then yoo wil looze the gaym wurd to the wise ok bye

  4. Dozer, you really are a very, very Good Dog to stay (mostly) behind the white line!

  5. Wow Dozer you are being very good. I need to learn to be very good all the time like you. I am just very good most of the time.

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