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Mouse in the House

Well while my pal Dennis iz bravely battling ninja hedjhogs and evil skwirrels now I have an enemy of my own though I am not too shoor what Im sposed to do about it. Mummy finded out that there is a critter called a mouse living behind the frigerator and she is not too happy. I havent seen this mouse yet but there are signs if you get wut I mean.

Anyways I dont know wut to do cause Mummy acktually reely likes mouses jest fine and she used to have one as a pet when she wuz young. This is before she had me and obveously she likes me better than a stoopid mouse but my point is that I am now very confoozled about whether Mummy likes or doesnt like the mouse behind the frigerator.

So Daddy and Mummy went and got a thang what is called a live trap where the mouse is sposed to walk into the trap and then get stuck in it until Mummy takes it outsides and lets it go. But Mummy also tolled me now Dozer dont you let that mouse run around in the kitchen and get into thangs. But Mummy didnt tell me how I wuz sposed to stop the mouse frum doing bad thangs so now I am kinda worried that I will not do my job correctly and then Mummy will be unhappy.

Also this is the worst injustiss of all is that Mummy putted peanut butter into the mouse trap! Can you beleeve that I didnt get any of it and Mummy sed Dozer this isnt fer you this is fer the mouse. Wut?? I wuz thinking Mummy didnt like that mouse but now she is giving it delishuss peanut butter and not me!!

Aw I am always getting treated so badly.




6 Responses

  1. WHAT?!?!? Peanut butter for the mouse and not for you? That is injustice, my friend.

    I see your dilemma about what to do, though. Maybe your mom just wants you to make sure the mouse stays behind the fridge? Sorry I can’t help more!

    Brown dog kisses,


    Eat the mouse. It is the funnest thing to do in the whole wide world. I haven’t done it actually yet but I tried to eat a mole or vole or something small and boy did my humom get ANGRYIFIED!!! So maybe don’t eat the mouse.

    BUT! You should eat the trappy thingy because then you’d get all that peanut butter that is so really for you and stuff. I ate a pencil. It didn’t have peanut butter but it would have tasted way better if it had.

  3. hello dozer its dennis the vizsla dog hay i think this sitchooayshun calls for mor applikayshuns of pathetik fayse so that yore mama realizes how gilty she shud feel for giving the mowse peenut buttr but not giving yoo enny also last yeer we had mowses in the howse and mama and dada yoozd the gloo traps and then dada wood tayk them owt on the hill and pore canola oyl on the gloo and let the mowses go so not only did they git peenut buttr they also got canola oyl can yoo beleev it?!??!!? shaymful just shaymful ok bye

  4. Dozer, I enjoy eating peanut butters, too. It does not seem fair that the mousie gets some instead of you!

  5. Well at least your momma didn’t giv ethe mousie and the baby chicken peanut butter and not you!

  6. […] Posted on November 6, 2008 by Dozer Well if you remembers a while back there wuz signs of a mouse in my house. Then Mummy buyed a trap to catch the […]

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