Mummy Leaved Me Alone

Aw I had such a sad boring day. Mummy leaved me home all day. She runned out the door in the morning and sed oh sorry Dozer I got a reel job this week so I gotta be gone today I will see you laters!

Then she drove off and I watched her drive away out the window. I put Pathetik Face on full power but I think she didnt see me use it cause she didnt come back.

But when she comed home tonight I made sure to tell her how much I was sad by squeeling real loud when she walked insides. Mummy sed oh Dozer ssshh stop squeeling my goodness it wasnt so bad wuz it?? YES MUMMY IT WUZ!!!


2 Responses

  1. hello dozer its dennis the vizsla dog awwww poor dozer i hayt beeing alone all day too wel i hav tucker and trixie but its not the saym as having mama and dada and plus wen they are not home stuff misteryusly gits shredded i dont no how it happens ok bye

  2. I hate it when The Girl goes away, too, Dozer. I never tried Pathetik face before, but I will next time. Maybe we should also try going Upside Down??? Sometimes that works for me…

    Brown dog kisses,

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