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Car Ride!

Well I didnt know whut to expect today when Mummy tolled me I had to get brushbrushed. I thought it wuz jest cause I wuz kinda dirty and stuff. When I get brushbrushed there is lotsa fur that goes everyplace so I always get brushbrushed outsides. Mummy sez it is white and fluffy like snowing and she hopes the birdies in the trees use it fer their nests cause otherwise it is jest sitting in our grass.

Thats sum of the fur that white stuff in the grass.

Thats sum of the fur that white stuff in the grass.

Then it wuz so exciting after brushbrush Mummy sed hey Dozer lets go fer a ride in the car. Well heck yeah I wanted to go! I wuz so happy that I forgetted to walk out the door politely and I runned real fast to the car but Mummy sed no no Dozer you come here and walk beside me like a gentleman. Okay okay so I did but it was SO HARD to walk beside Mummy cause she walks SO SLOW to the car.

And then there wuz a strange new car there in the driveway and it wuz Mummys new car! I likes the back seat the best so I got in it. It smelled all funny. Mummy put a nice new blankie on the seat jest fer me.

Lets go lets go lets go!

Lets go lets go lets go!

There is one big rule in the car and that is that before the car moves I must always be sitted down with my butt on the seat. So I always be sure to put my butt on the seat and even if I want to move in the seat a little bit I dont never stand up I just scoot. Mummy wears a seatbelt thang but I do not even though Mummy has buyed lots of diffrent kinds but she cant never find one that works jest right. Them thangs always tangle me up even if I dont move hardly at all and Mummy worries they might hurt me. Anyways Mummy doesnt reely go fast with me in the car she jest takes me on a short drive and she drives real slow.

So then we went fer a ride in the new car and Mummy letted me put my head out the window.

Ah fresh air I do luv it.

Ah fresh air I do luv it.

She only lets me do that when the car is going very slow but when it goes fast she sez okay Dozer head in! Then I know to put my head insides the car and Mummy makes the window close. I dont like putting my head out the window when the car goes fast anyway cause the fast wind hurts my face so usually my head is already in the car when Mummy sez head in. Then I likes to watch thangs through the window. Car rides are fun times yep.

4 Responses

  1. WOW! A new car, thats very exciting. I kinda like car rides, sometimes I get a tummy ache if they are too long. I don’t get to sit in the back seat, I get to sit in the way back that doesn’t have a seat. But its still very fun! The windows don’t open back there so I never have sticked my head out the window!

  2. We tried Tucker in a seat belt once, and he ended up upside-down hanging from the seat, so we gave up on that. He’s not very good about keeping his butt down on the seat, either!

  3. Dozer, you are very good and smart to sit down when the car is moving !

  4. Wow, Dozer, that’s pawsome that you sit when the car is moving! The Girl wishes I would do that, too. She’s trying to find me a seat belt, but cuz of my missing leggy, most of them don’t work.

    I’m glad you finally got a car ride!

    Brown dog kisses,

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