I Getted Sum Awards

Well ha ha Mummy is jellus now cause she dont have no awards but I getted two jest this week and one of them I even getted twice.

My pal Dannan gived me this one:

And my pals Daisy (who looks like me but is not me) and Dennis (who doesnt look like me) gived me this one:

Well dang I shore likes awards but then Mummy wuz reading to me and she sed oh Dozer theres sum rules like you have to share these awards with other blogs. Wut?? I gotta share??? Oh no no Im a Very Good Dawg but honestly thats going too far. I just dont like to share thangs and me and Old Lady Dawg got along jest fine cause she always letted me have all the toys and stuff.

Then Mummy sez Dozer really you gots to share these awards but this is diffrent cause these thangs you can share with everybuddy and you still get to keep it too and I sed well how the heck does that work? But okay I will try to share here goes…

I Luv Yer Blog Award and Rusty’s Best Bud Award goes to

1. Auntie Kat who came back frum the mystereus island of New Zee Land yesterday and didnt bring me nothing and she actually doesnt like me cause I drool on her but ha ha I luv her anyway especially when she squeels real loud when I give her kissies. Her blog is kinda neat to look at cause she put up pitchers of stuff she saw in New Zee Land.

2. Mina and Celeste who have funny and crazy adventures all the times. Mina is a pit bull what does not look like me and Mummy sez she is prolly a million times smarter than me too.

3. Dennis whose adventures are the craziest ever and who is also assembling a league of justice that I gets to be on. Im glad to get to help him cause I luv my Mummy but she is pretty dang boring. Dennis alreddy prolly has these awards but Im gonna give them to him anyways cause Mummy sez you cant have too many awards.

4. Daisy who looks like me and of course that means she is beeutifull. We arent siblings of course because I am almost eight years old and she is two years old. Mummy sez Dozer wait a sec Daisy gived you one of these awards Im not sure you can give it right back but I sez theres no rules about that.

5. Daisy but not the same Daisy as above cause this Daisy doesnt look like me shes a kitty cat! Now you are saying wut Dozer you dont like kitty cats does you? But yes aktually I does like kitty cats jest fine so long as they dont hiss and act mean and stuff. And Daisy is a very sweet kitty and even funnier than most kitties cause she dresses up in beeutifull clothes!

Okay thats enough sharing already sheesh. Im gonna run out of awards if I share ennymore.


4 Responses

  1. Oh thank you a thousand thank yous for this beutiful award! Mom says we got one already but thats ok, cuz we like getting stuff especially awards and chicken strips, but don’t tell Peepers that cuz he might not like to know that.

  2. Excellent sharing, Dozer!

    Brown dog kisses,
    The Girl

  3. hello dozer its dennis the vizsla dog hay thanks so much for the awards!!!! i do hav them alreddy but too is better than wun i always say ha ha ok bye

  4. Dearest Dozer,

    I’m very honored by your kindness and sharing (even if it isn’t, you know, sharing food and toys and other edible goodies). I’ve been called smart by a lot of people, except my own minion who wouldn’t know smart if it playbowed right in front of her!

    Nose bops and kisses,

    Miss Mina

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