I Gots a Boo Boo

Well Mummy sez I cant show you a pitcher of my boo boo cause its too gross for peoples who dont like blood and guts. Honestly it isnt much of nothing just a little bump thats been on my leg for ever and ever and when I wuz at the vet who I luv he sed oh its no big deel dont worry bout that little bitty bump. So Mummy didnt worry bout it and course I never worry bout nothing like that so we went on like always.

Well now I guess Mummy is worryed bout that bump cause yesterdays I acksidentally rubbed it and it started to bleed. Acktually this is the second time but after the first time the vet gave me a jigantik bandage and sed now that thang aint never gonna bleed no more but guess he wuz wrong bout that…

So I rubbed it while I wuz playing tumble with Daddy in the living room and Daddy dont notice much mebbe cause he always is eating or sleeping or thinking bout eating or sleeping so he didnt notice that the bump wuz bleeding. Well I didnt care much so I went about my bizness of running around the house playing with my toys and stuff. But then Mummy sawed me and she sed oh no Dozer oh no its everywhere look at the car pet!!! Well I like cars and Im a pet so I thinked hey mebbe we will go fer a ride but insted Mummy grabbed my collar and made me go into the food room called the kichen.

I dont like the kichen too much cause the floor isnt fuzzy and soft it is hard and cold and only good fer cooling off after fun times outsides. But then Mummy and Daddy wuz both unhappy and they grabbed me and wuz talkin to themselves and Mummy wuz running around and Daddy wuz petting me and telling me to stay in the kichen and sheesh I didnt know what the big deal wuz. Finally Mummy bringed some cloths and Daddy wrapped them all around my leg and the little bump. I never like those cloths but I leaves them alone cause Im a Very Good Dawg. Plus Mummy always watches me real close and she sez UH UH if I tries to lick them.

This turned out to be the perfect opportoonitee to use my Pathetik face so I did and Daddy gave me some super treats called Beggin Strips that Gramma bringed over while she wuz watching me. I luv these treats sooo much cause Mummy only gives me sum crunchy boring ones.

Well Mummy poured a liquid and rubbed on the fuzzy floor fer a very very long time after that and she did it in almost all the rooms and she grumbled a lot while she did it so I stayed away. Sumtimes I think Mummy is a little crazy.


5 Responses

  1. hello dozer its dennis the vizsla dog hay i had such a bumpee wunse too it was calld a histiocytoma or sumthing ennyway it went away on its own but i left a few blud marks arownd the howse befor then!!! ok bye

  2. Oh, I am sorry you got an ouchie! I hope it will be all better soon.

  3. Dozer, you are definitely a Very Good Dawg!! I hope your boo boo gets better! do you think you might have to go back to thevet? If that makes you better, then I think you should go.

    Brown dog kisses, extra cuz you are a Very Good Dawg always,

  4. Grrrr, The Girl forgot to change from her bloggieness to MINE. She’s doing that a lot lately.

  5. Hey Dozer, it’s Celeste – don’t, under any circumstances, try to eat the fuzzy stuff sprayed on the carpet. I trieded this once and it was the yucktastically yucky stuff I’ve ever eaten. And I’ve eaten a lot (I try everything at least three times).

    Here’s hoping your boo-boo gets better super-duper-faster-than-Mina-chasing-The-Cat-Of-Doom fast. Yeah!


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