Theyre Back!

Mummy and Daddy came back at long last Im so happy happy to see them. But Mummy didnt bring back her car that I luv so whats up with that?? She wuz kinda tired and stuff so Im being extra Good today so she will luv me.

Well Gramma helped me write my blog wile Mummy wuz gone but she didnt know how to make it work on the compooter so now that Mummy is backs I can tells you wut I did last week. It is so intresting to me cause it involves so much toys and new toys and playing with Gramma and we all know that if its intresting to me it must reely be intresting to the whole world so guess wut here is wut I did.

New Toys

First of all Gramma bringed me new toys which is as it shuld be cause Im a Very Good Dawg and I always deserves lots of toys. I wuz happy cause Gramma bringed me a new Aligater toy the old one which I tored up until it wuz little shreds and Gramma throwed it out. Here is the new Aligater toy:

I does luv this Aligater toy.

I does luv this Aligater toy.

Fun Times

Also Gramma did lots of fun times with me like throwing my Frisbee and my ball and my Sheep and my Aligater and so on and so on. Reely she jest throwed stuff fer me to go get which as we all know is the most funnest thang to do ever. And also unlike Mummy and Daddy who only throws thangs when it is getting dark and almost bedtime Gramma throwed toys fer me all day even when it wuz hot outsides and she also throwed toys up and down the stairs. So wow I got to play so much and now Im kinda bored with Mummy but dont worry I still luv her.

Sleeping In Peoples Bed

Ha ha well Gramma is not imune to the Pathetik face and I suckered her good into letting me up on Mummy and Daddys bed ha ha ha ha! Now Mummy is back and she is not suckered by Pathetik face but she wuz still nice and she letted me on the bed for a little whiles last night just fer cuddles but then I had to sleep on my bed after that. Dang.


What the heck Mummy just made me bathies a little while ago and then Gramma gave me bathies too. Gramma sed Dozer youre stinky like pee pee! Well gosh Gramma what does you expect when I wuz pee peeing on the grass then rolling in it? I guess Gramma didnt like my new stink cause she gave me a bathies.

But you know the stoopid part about the bathies wuz that Gramma didnt know how to give me a bathies except that she readed my blog about the bathies Mummy gave me and thats how she learneded how to do it!! Ohmigosh I shouldnt never have tolled nobuddy about the bathies cause I teached Gramma how to bathies me!! Dang thats crazy.


3 Responses

  1. Wow that alligator is very cool! Its sounds like even though you missed your mummy and daddy you had fun with gramma, thats good. How is your little sister chicken?

  2. hello dozer its dennis the vizsla dog wow it sownds verry trawmatic wot with the batheez and the not sleeping in the bed and stuf but now mama and dada ar bak and at leest yoo got a noo toy owt of the deel ha ha ok bye

  3. I like your alligater toy, too!

    Sounds like your gramma took pretty good care of you, ‘cept for the bath! Don’t our peeples know how hard we work to roll and get our smells just right?

    Brown dog kisses,

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