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A Note Frum Mummy

Okay well here is a note frum Mummy and I tolled her Mummy you have yer own blog so why dont you jest go post over there but Mummy sed she wanted to post here cause diffrent peoples read diffrent thangs. Well wutever its not like I can stop Mummy frum doing whut she wants so here is her note:

Hello, it’s Dozer’s mom Jennifer here. Dozer doesn’t really understand the concept of vacations and cruises so he wasn’t too clear about where Byrd and I went for a full week. Yes, we went away on a lovely cruise. This was Byrd’s first vacation in 20 years, and our first vacation together.

Unfortunately, we left our car parked at the Galveston cruise terminal, which happens to be near where Hurricane Ike decided to make landfall. Needless to say, there was much devastation, and our car was one of many vehicles that didn’t make it.

Our cruise ship was diverted to New Orleans after an extra day at sea, and we made our way back home with a rental car at last.

Thanks to everyone who visited and commented on my blogs and websites while I was away. As you can imagine, I’m a bit overwhelmed with insurance and auto issues, loads of laundry, and catching up with my job and email, so Dozer and I will be catching up on our favorite blogs as soon as I can get back on top of the game. Thanks!

Okay enough out of you Mummy go back to yer own blog!


4 Responses

  1. we are so glad you made it back safely. We were very worried about you becuase of that guy named Ike!!! It is really awful about the car, but we hope that it is not to awful dealing with the insurance and red tape. Welcome home!

  2. Yikes! Sorry about the car but glad you’re back in one piece!

  3. We’ve been worried, wondering about you and Byrd. Really happy to hear you’re okay, sorry about the car! Sounds like your cruise was out of the path of Ike etc., so we’re glad you could enjoy your holiday!

    Brown dog kisses,
    Dannan and The Girl

    Pee Ess We’re just finally catching up on our blogs, and we’re reading Dozer’s backwards. Take your time and do what you need to do; we’ll all still be here when all the dull and frustrating stuff is finished. 🙂

  4. And oops, The Girl forgot to change from her blogging self to *my* blogging self!


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