Me as a Puppy Day 5

Ok Im getting a little ankshus about Mummy and Daddy being gone. Where cud they have gone for so many days?? Theyve never been gone this long before. Well here is the next pitcher of me as a puppy and they better hurry home cause Im gonna run out of pitchers. Well no not reely cause Mummy has enuff pitchers of me for a whole year but most of them are on shiny paper not on the compooter so I cant post them.

Hey look my first collar! February 2001

Hey look my first collar! February 2001

Well that collar looks a bit big on me doesnt it?? Yes my first collar was blue to match my blue eyes even though my eyes didnt stay blue for very long. Hey why is Old Lady Dawg in this pitcher too? This is supposed to be about me not her and look how much of the pitcher she takes up. Since Im the star my body should take up over 50 percent of the pitcher dont you think? Hmph.


3 Responses

  1. hello dozer its dennis the vizsla dog hay i hav herd that if yoo tayk thoze flat shiny paper pikchers and stuf them into the cd slot on the frunt of yore compyooter they will majikly appeer on yore hard drive yore mama wil be so happy to come home and find her compyooter stuffd ful of pikchers dont you think???? ok bye

  2. Dozer, my momma was telling me taht she is worried about your momma cuz they are onna boat where there is a hurricane.

  3. You are so sweet and adora-bull in this picture, Dozer! It’s nice to see a picture of old lady dawg, cuz it’s nice to know what she looked like, but she probly had lots of time of her own, doesn’t have to horn in on yours!


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