Me as a Puppy Day 4

Good golly its day four and Gramma is still here and Mummy and Daddy are still gone and Im gonna lose count of the days before too long. Well here is the next cute pitcher of me as a puppy.

Aw aint I a precious thang? February 2001

Aw aint I a precious thang? February 2001

This is my speshull blanky that has been with me all these years and I still luv it and sleep on it sumtimes. This pitcher is a little misleeding I think cause I wuz probably reely tired from causing mischiff and mayhem I wusnt usually so quiet and sleepys when I wuz a puppy.


4 Responses

  1. Mina here; as far as puppies go, you were pretty cute. I don’t say that much, because puppies are perhaps my least favorite form of canine (especially when my minion brings them home and KEEPS them home, sheesh).

    I hear that my minion is abandoning me in three days to go vacationify in Mendocino. Dogs are welcome. This means my minion fails at everything good and dog like. Here’s hoping your parental units come back soon!

  2. Dozer, you are lucky to have a special blankie!

  3. Dozer, sounds like your blankie is not defective like my blankies as you have had it so long! My balnkies always fall to pieces!

  4. I love your blankie! It looks really warm and cozy. I would never let myself get so wrapped up in a blankie, though. I like to lie *on top* of them. And if I’m cold, I like to snuggle with The Girl. She says that’s how she knows if it’s cold at night, whatever that means.

    And The Girl says to write that you are sooo cute and sweet in this picture, she just wants to scoop you up and hug you. Be happy she can’t reach you from here, she does a lot of hugging.


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