Well today I had a bathies and it wuz so awful. I always knows whats up cause Mummy goes in the bathroom and sez Dozer come on its time for bathies. She doesnt hide it at all. Then she takes off my collar so Im nekkid and then I knows she means it and Im so sad.

But Im always a Very Good Dawg so I always go into the shower by myself and Im very still and quiet for the bathies even tho I guess my sadness showed today cause Mummy sez oh Dozer why are you so pouty about this. Well gosh Mummy youre making me all wet and smelly so what do you expect? And even worse this time Mummy had to wash my behind cause she sed I wuznt doing a good job cleaning it!! Wut?!?! Well just so you knows the facts every time I try to clean it Mummy sez Dozer gross dont do that right now Im trying to eat! Sheesh.

Anyways once the torture part wuz over then it wuz time for the fun part which is the drying off. I luv the drying off I luv to roll around in the towels Mummy sez Im like a baby pig whatever that is cause I grunt and snort in the towels. Then I have to rub all over the bottom of Mummy and Daddys bed for sum reason I dont reely know why. But Old Lady Dawg used to do it so I does too.

And then after the drying off part wuz another awful part where Mummy pokes thangs down in my ear. She sez she is cleaning them ears but I liked it better when Old Lady Dawg cleaned my ears by licking insides of them. Mummy wont do that for sum reason.

And THEN the BEST PART OF ALL!! After all the bathies and drying off and ear cleaning THEN I get TREATS!!! Yes I get so many treats and they are delicious. And Mummy sez oh Dozer wut a good dawg you wuz so here is sum treats and I luv you sooo much.

I hate bathies but I sure luv afterwards yep.


6 Responses

  1. Hey Dozer, I’m a towel pig too!

    Brown dog kisses,
    Dannan and The Girl

  2. hello dozer its dennis the vizsla dog hay i dont like the baths eether but yoo got to put up with them to get the treets oh well wot can yoo do???? thanks for the tip abowt rubbing all ovr the bed after a bath i wil hav to try that ok bye

  3. Dozer, I am sorry you had a sad. Ear cleaning is the worst! But almost anything is better when you get treats at the end.

  4. Hmm I don’t like baths, sometimes mom gives them to me in the shower, sometimes she takes me to the spaw. I am a good girl about it but, Either way, they suck.

  5. Dozer, hate to tell you tis, but you might want to start wearing lipstick….

    Dozer sez: Well this thang called lipstick I guess is only fer peoples called hockee moms whatever that is. My Mummy isnt a hockee mom and she dont own no lipstick stuff at all so I think it would be kinda hard fer me to get sum and mebbe confusing cause Im not a hockee mom so if I asked sum peoples fer lipstick they would wonder why I need it. Anyways you and me have pink lips alreadys plus we are cute and nice dawgs and I dont think lipstick would make us cuter or nicer or would it??

  6. Hey Dozer, Mina here: I gotta tell you, I become a very emo pit bull with baths too. Here’s a suggestion – be extra, extra “woe-is-me” and I bet your mom will give you cookies DURING the bath. Oh yeah, that’s what I’m talking about. I make sure to look extra sad (which I am) and my minion will tell me I am a sad, sad pit bull and would I like a cookie? Heck yeah, but I work the system a bit more, you know, just in case she wants to throw me the whole box of cookies.

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